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November 2019

Tournament Deck Duelist Placed Archetype Deck Price
Regional - Rochefort Pure Thunder Dragons Brun Paul 7th Place Thunder $211.04
YCS - Pasadena California Sky Striker Orcust Kobe Short 1st Place Orcust $209.69
YCS - Pasadena California Salamangreat Walter Jule 3rd Place Salamangreat $229.83
Regional - Southampton Salamangreat Miles Sage 5th Place Salamangreat $238.68
Regional - Southampton Giant Ballpark Insects Andrew Briggs Top 8 Insect $340.34
Regional - Southampton Magical Musketeers Thomas Oliver Top 16 Magical $350.54
Regional - Southampton Traptrix Harri ??? 28th Place Traptrix $325.44
Pro-Play Tour Dallas Salamangreat Adriel Pierre Top 16 Salamangreat $254.43
YCS - Pasadena California Altergeist Niko Watson Top 8 Altergeist $329.39
YCS - Pasadena California True King Dino Jarred Randolph Top 32 True King Dino $318.38
WCQ - Paisley, United Kingdom Madolche Erin Reilly 5th Place Madolche $306.94
WCQ - Paisley, United Kingdom Lunalight Erwan Mathieu-sol 7th Place Lunalight $172.08
WCQ - Caen France BA Block Dragon Jake Green Top 8 Burning Abyss $200.53
Regional - Santiago Dominican Republic Altergeist Yorky Herrera Top 8 Altergeist $306.63
Regional - Newry Scotland Mythical Endymion Vladis Baranovskis 1st Place Endymion $177.85
Regional - Curitiba Brasil Subterror Bruno Furquim 1st Place Subterror $302.42
Regional - Altoona Iowa Sky Striker True Draco Rory Cholewczynski 8th Place True Draco $184.01
Regional - Warsaw Orcust Mateusz Konieczny 1st Place Orcust $228.97
Regional - Lenexa Kansas Salamangreat Dablessin Wilson 1st Place Salamangreat $208.78
Regional - Lenexa Kansas Spellbooks Johnny Nguyen 23rd Place Spellbook $284.84
Regional - Jacksonville Florida Salamangreat Phillip Smith 14th Place Salamangreat $217.69
Regional - Jacksonville Florida Orcust Danger!? Joe Lastoria 18th Place Orcust $177.99
Regional - Jacksonville Florida Danger! Dark World Orcust Mark J 24th Place Orcust $233.21
Regional - Greenville South Carolina Danger! Gren Maju Bee Yang 9th Place Gren Maju $310.08
Regional - Dordrecht The Netherlands Salamangreat Victor Van Schijndel 2nd Place Salamangreat $181.11
Regional - Denver Colorado ABC-Dragon Buster Brent Holmes Top 32 ABC-Dragon Buster $273.51
Krazy Kards Regional - Basildon Mystic Mine Aaron Henman 2nd Place Mystic Mine $236.01
Krazy Kards Regional - Basildon Orcust Corey Fretwell Top 8 Orcust $275.67
Regional - Antwerp Belgium Mekk-Knight Invoked Timothy De Sterck 1st Place Mekk-Knight $444.73
Regional - Antwerp Belgium Salamangreat Niels Vossen 6th Place Salamangreat $207.68
Regional - Antwerp Belgium Magical Musketeers Joshua Oosters 8th Place Magical $186.47
Regionals - Trinidad and Tobago DANGER! SPYRAL Dmitri Mohammed Top 4 SPYRAL $226.19
Regional - Sao Paulo Brazil Salamangreat Paulo Goncalves 1st Place Salamangreat $208.19
Regional - Sao Paulo Brazil Altergeist Guilherme Fukubara 3rd Place Altergeist $313.22
Regional - Sao Paulo Brazil HERO Nícolas Rangel Top 8 HERO $297.66
Regional - Pforzheim Germany Mekk-Knight Invoked Domenic Robl 3rd Place Mekk-Knight $281.12
Regional - Denver Crusadia Guardragon Charles "team Cog" 16th Place Crusadia $77.87
Regional - Brooklyn New York HERO Pabel Arizaga Top 4 HERO $574.99
Regional - Brooklyn New York Pure Thunder Dragons Eugene Bazemore Top 16 Thunder $288.21
Regional - Brooklyn New York Invoked Mekk-Knights Arkadiy Aronov 25th Place Mekk-Knight $346.04
Regional - Brooklyn New York Pure Thunder Dragons Najim Shakeeb Top 32 Thunder $269.82
Regional - Antwerp Belgium Subterror Guru Control Youri Lansman 17th Place Subterror $342.02
Regional - Lenexa Kansas Altergeist David Tichacek 2nd Place Altergeist $336.52
Regional - Lenexa Kansas Infernoids Vartan Melkumov 8th Place Infernoid $262.42
Regional - Lenexa Kansas Danger! Dark World Gren Maju Ryan Chandler 13th Place Gren Maju $302.90
Regional - Ft. Worth Texas Subterror Guru Control Jimmy White-an Chang Top 32 Subterror $319.11
Regional - Fort Worth Texas Vendread Orcust Kobe Short 27th Place Orcust $288.83
Regional - Denver Pure Cyber Dragon James Thomas 3rd Place Cyber $272.10
Regional - Denver Pure Cyber Dragon James Thomas Woodman 3rd Place Cyber $272.10
Regional - St. Peters Missouri Pendulum Magicians Paul Cooper 2nd Place Magician $175.80
Youmacon Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship 2019 Pure Orcust (No Mermaid Post October Banlist) Andrew Dolich 2nd Place Orcust $197.61
Regional - Omaha Nebraska Pure Weather Painters Vaughn Hommerding 6th Place Weather Painter $392.30
Regional - Omaha Nebraska Endymion Paul Cooper 1st Place Endymion $173.23
Regional - Omaha Nebraska Warrior Orcust Benjamin Deeter 7th Place Orcust $191.49
Regional - Omaha Nebraska Pendulum Magicians Paul Cooper 1st Place Magician $173.67
Regional - Omaha Nebraska Weather Painters Vaughn Hommerding 6th Place Weather Painter $373.91
Regional - Omaha Nebraska Pure Thunder Dragons Samuel Fisher 3rd Place Thunder $375.52
Regional - Omaha Nebraska Invoked Sky Striker A.j. Jones 4th Place Sky Striker $237.94
Regional - Lubbock Texas Traptrix Kevin Bortle 1st Place Traptrix $299.06
Regional - Lubbock Texas Artifact Salamangreat Briley Rodriguez 3rd Place Salamangreat $259.23
Regional - Lubbock Texas Pure Orcust Matthew Kirkland 4th Place Orcust $145.35
Regional - Lubbock Texas Pure Orcust Denis Nadas 5th Place Orcust $251.38
Regional - Lubbock Texas Subterror Guru Control Owen Love 8th Place Subterror $310.98
Regional - Lenexa Kansas Pure Orcust Wesley Loveland 3rd Place Orcust $251.85
Regional - Lenexa Kansas Pendulum Magicians Paul Cooper 4th Place Magician $175.95
Regional - Lenexa Kansas Salamangreat Akeem Davis 5th Place Salamangreat $211.86