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18th Place
Date Tournament Deck Duelist Archetype Deck Price
February 2023 Regional - Greenville South Carolina Tri-Sprights Demetrius Moore Spright $239.34
May 2022 Regional - Fort Worth Texas Dinomorphia Fritz Copes Dinomorphia $45.37
November 2019 Regional - Jacksonville Florida Orcust Danger!? Joe Lastoria Orcust $61.63
October 2019 Regional - Detroit Michigan Altergeist Arick Liu Altergeist $88.13
September 2019 Regional - Minneapolis Minnesota Golden Castle Gren Maju Dylan Link Gren Maju $87.08
August 2019 World Championship - Berlin Crusadia Thunder Dragon Wei Li Thunder $61.74
May 2019 Regional - Crestwood Missouri Mystic Mine Terry Cockerill Jr Mystic Mine $52.37
April 2019 efantasy regional april 2019 Altergeist Modestos Antimos Altergeist $46.74
April 2019 Houston Regional Lost World Dinosaurs Jean Arroyo True King Dino $48.84
September 2018 LLDS - Sheffield Gusto Windwitch Lizzie Jackson Invoked Windwitch $44.32
August 2018 Regional - Omaha Nebraska Timelord Burn Nolan Choquette Timelord $63.83
March 2018 Regional - Louisville Kentucky ABC-Dragon Buster William Cornelison ABC-Dragon Buster $51.80
October 2017 Regional - Montreal Canada Nurse Burn Shane Snorlax Bastien HERO $75.87
September 2017 Regional - Denver Invoked Artifact Windwitch Kenny Nguyen Invoked Windwitch $67.25
May 2017 WCQ - Latin America Infernoid Shaddolls (60 Shaddolls of Infernoid) Marco "smokeboy" Roberto Infernoid $189.40
May 2017 Regional - West Allis Wisconsin True King Dinosaurs Lucas Veitch True King Dino $58.74