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May 2019
Tournament Deck Duelist Placed Archetype Deck Price
Regional - Pasadena California Altergeist Eddy (team Vulcan) 15th Place Altergeist $81.75
Regional - Houston Texas Danger! Orcust Jerry Han Top 8 Orcust $73.17
Regional - Brazil Pure Thunder Dragons Michel Veríssimo 1st Place Thunder $73.20
Regional - Brazil Magician Endymion Guardragon Jonathan Macedo 2nd Place Magician $68.25
Regional - Brazil Salamangreat Augusto Coutinho 20th Place Salamangreat $48.59
Nationals Championship - Argentina Danger? Orcust! Juan Presas 1st Place Orcust $78.58
Regional - Tulsa Oklahoma Evil Eye Draco Dillon Goose 7th Place Evil Eye $75.26
Regional - Rosemont Illinois True Draco Nathaniel Kania 31st Place True Draco $41.62
Regional - Philadelphia Pennsylvania Salamangreat Robert Kraemer 33rd Place Salamangreat $72.51
Regional - Philadelphia Pennsylvania Danger Thunder Dragon Eugene Bazemore 72nd Place Thunder $62.39
Regional - Pasadena California Salamangreat Jay Lu Top 32 Salamangreat $65.83
Regional - Lenexa Kansas Trickstar Dylan Link 4th Place Trickstar $73.08
Regional - Lenexa Kansas Salamangreat Pj Delaney 5th Place Salamangreat $60.31
Regional - Lenexa Kansas Salamangreat Johnny Nguyen 6th Place Salamangreat $56.37
Regional - Lenexa Kansas Madolche Bruce Menard 24th Place Madolche $104.64
Regional - Houston Texas Mermail Orcust Jose Hernandez 3rd Place Mermail $76.61
Regional - Houston Texas Cyber Dragons Jose Ornelas 7th Place Cyber $68.28
Regional - Houston Texas True Draco Jason Hutchinson Top 8 True Draco $81.61
Regional - Crestwood Missouri Mystic Mine Terry Cockerill Jr 18th Place Mystic Mine $52.37
National Championship - Sweden Salamangreat Herman Hansson 1st Place Salamangreat $59.06
National Championship - Poland Danger! Orcust Imran Khan Jadoon 1st Place Danger $77.17
National Championship - Finland Blackwing Daniel Borgstén 3rd - 4th Place Blackwing $61.22
Regional - Menomonee Falls Wisconsin Salamangreat Luis Solis (team Ssd Jam1tcg Pro- Series) Top 8 Salamangreat $70.73
Regional - Duluth Georgia Danger! Orcust Blake Hawkins 4th Place Danger $70.32
Regional - Duluth Georgia Pure Thunder Dragons Justin Canard 7th Place Thunder $91.05
Regional - Duluth Georgia Salamangreat Danil Mcquillin(represents Redline Gaming) 9th Place Salamangreat $53.86
Regional - Duluth Georgia Subterror Avery Lewis 12th Place Subterror $88.03
Regional - Duluth Georgia BA Block Dragon Shawndale Davila 15th Place Burning Abyss $49.19
Regional - Sydney Australia 60 Card Infernoids Jonathan Lowbridge 3rd Place Infernoid $143.87
Regional - S. Portland Maine Lair Infernoid Mark Foglietta 9th Place Infernoid $115.57
Regional - San Diego California Gren Maju OTK Yishan Mcnabb 44th Place Gren Maju $47.76
Regional - Richmond Virginia Infernoids Harrison Xu 14th Place Infernoid $117.39
Regional - Portland Maine Shaddoll Trains Jay Nelson 7th Place Shaddoll $50.11
Regional - Maine Blackwing Tyrone Wagner 30th Place Blackwing $57.54
Regional - Luxembourg Zefra Endymion Tayfun Bayraktar 1st Place Endymion $70.06
Regional - Jacksonville Florida True Draco Quindares Sampson Top 8 True Draco $59.44
Regional - Jacksonville Florida Pendulum Magicians Jeremy Mitchell Top 8 Magician $65.08
Regional - Detroit Michigan Orcust Danger!? Andrew Dolich 4th Place Danger $75.56
Regional - Detroit Michigan Danger! Orcust Andrew Dolich 4th Place Danger $77.40
Regional - Detroit Michigan Salamangreat Dablessin Wilson (team Ssd) 5th Place Salamangreat $70.98
Regional - Detroit Michigan Sky Striker Sam Nguyen Top 8 Sky Striker $52.58
Regional - Detroit Michigan True Draco Dylan Hurst Top 48 True Draco $55.04
Regional - Boise Idaho Machina Fortress Orcust Orlando Quevedo 27th Place Orcust $82.25
National Championship - Turkey Artifact Salamangreat Utku Topal Top 8 Salamangreat $66.44
National Championship - Romania Nekroz Emilian Vama 1st Place Nekroz $58.74
National Championship - Hungary Sky Striker Marcello Barberi 1st Place Sky Striker $43.85
National Championship - Austria Salamangreat Sebastian Nessmann 1st Place Salamangreat $62.74
Regional - San Diego California Burning Abyss Duelist Unknown Top 32 Burning Abyss $70.50
Regional - Layton Utah Burning Abyss Omar Ramos Top 8 Burning Abyss $49.46
Regional - Italy Satellarknight Fabiano Tonon Top 8 Satellarknight $70.29
Locals Phantom Knights Just_a_mongrel 1st Place Phantom Knight $50.89
Regional - Winnipeg Canada Mystic Mine Evan Kupchyk 2nd Place Mystic Mine $50.44
Regional - Seattle Washington Danger! Thunder Dragon Manav Dawar 1st Place Danger $91.08
Regional - Seattle Washington Danger! Orcust Joseph Kang 3rd Place Danger $76.82
Regional - Seattle Washington Nekroz Jordi Wang 7th Place Nekroz $85.91
Regional - Seattle Washington Sky Striker Tristan Bridges Top 8 Sky Striker $61.06
Regional - Seattle Washington Magical Musketeers James Matson 11th Place Magical $70.08
Regional - Seattle Washington Danger! Orcust Matthew Bauer Top 16 Danger $76.69
Regional - San Diego True Draco Brian Du 26th Place True Draco $62.94
Regional - Lubbock Texas Artifact Trickstar Kevin Bortle Top 8 Trickstar $99.78
Regional - Louisville Kentucky Zefra Endymion Wesley Rhody 2nd Place Endymion $67.43
Regional - Louisville Kentucky Guru Control Maximillian Fleischmann 16th Place Control $72.58
Regional - Louisville Kentucky Salamangreat Michael Pinkston 17th Place Salamangreat $78.56
Regional - Louisville Kentucky True Draco Adam Scott Messenger 20th Place True Draco $44.29
Regional - Layton Utah Danger! Orcust Zach Newhall 3rd Place Danger $73.45
Regional - Honolulu Hawaii Madolche Ryan Lagadon 4th Place Madolche $84.42
Regional - Greenville South Carolina Sky Striker Rodney Hartwell, Jr Top 16 Sky Striker $61.13
Regional - Freiburg Germany Sky Striker Going 2nd Domenic Robl 5th Place Sky Striker $65.46
Regional - Exeter France Mystic Mine Connor Ankers 6th Place Mystic Mine $72.89
Regional - Altoona Iowa Salamangreat Brandon Soppe 4th Place Salamangreat $66.61
Nationals - New Zealand Sky Striker Brady Gilles 1st Place Sky Striker $52.80
Nationals - New Zealand Danger! Orcust Kyle Geddes 2nd Place Danger $69.64
Nationals - New Zealand Thunder Dragon Taina Ngatai Top 4 Thunder $91.40
National Championship - Switzerland Danger! Orcust Guillaume Venier 1st Place Danger $87.26
National Championship - Spain Salamangreat Eike Fecht 1st Place Salamangreat $69.65
National Championship - Belgium Sky Striker Anthony Lopes 1st Place Sky Striker $71.41
Regional - St. Louis Missouri SPYRAL Eric Woolverton 1st Place SPYRAL $68.10
Regional - St. Louis Missouri Mekk-Knight Invoked Kyle Shook 2nd Place Mekk-Knight $59.90
Regional - St. Louis Missouri Danger! Thunder Dragon Alfie Danklefsen 4th Place Thunder $73.34
Regional - St. Louis Missouri Artifact Salamangreat Ryan Chandler 7th Place Salamangreat $62.94
Regional - St. Louis Missouri Salamangreat Aldo Garcia 9th Place Salamangreat $58.57
Regional - St. Louis Missouri Altergeist Anthony Accettura 14th Place Altergeist $69.58
Regional - Indianapolis Indiana Burning Abyss Andrew Zhang Top 16 Burning Abyss $38.97
Regional - Hornsby Madolche Brendan Kang 8th Place Madolche $97.82
Regional - Dublin Ireland Endymion Luke Coogan 1st Place Endymion $69.36
Regional - Dublin Ireland Endymion Cormac Adams Top 8 Magician $61.50
National Championship - Lithuania Danger! Orcust Ernests Šustiņš 1st Place Orcust $80.79
Regional - San Jose California Mystic Mine Sean Nguyen 1st Place Mystic Mine $50.29
Regional - San Jose California Danger! World FTK Michael Hilario 23rd Place Danger $68.98
Regional - Kissimmee Florida Danger! Thunder Dragon Guardragon Sebastian Sanchez 2nd Place Danger $79.28
Regional - Indianapolis Indiana Sky Striker Gabriel Vargas 1st Place Sky Striker $65.68
Regional - Indianapolis Indiana Danger! Thunder Dragon Dominic Couch 2nd Place Thunder $62.84
National Championship - Netherlands Sky Striker Joshua Oosters 1st Place Sky Striker $52.01
ARG Springfield 2019 True King Dinos Jarred Randolph 11 True King Dino $58.23