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Mystic Mine Decks
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Date Tournament Deck Duelist Placed Deck Price
November 2022 OTS - Manhattan New York Mystic Mine Burn Eugene Bazemore 2nd Place $85.87
August 2022 Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series Rio de Janeiro 2022 Mystic Mine Burn Joao Lima 1st Place $51.48
August 2021 Konami - Remote Duel Invitational Mystic Mine Burn Eugene Bazemore 5th Place $87.03
July 2021 Konami - Remote Duel Invitational Qualifier Mystic Mine Burn Eugene Bazemore 4th Place $55.20
June 2021 Remote Duel Extravaganza (June 2021) Mystic Mine Countdown Eugene Bazemore 4th Place $63.77
May 2021 Remote Duel Extravaganza Mystic Mine Burn Eugene Bazemore Top 24 $53.45
February 2021 Alien Games Remote Duel Regional Mystic Mine Burn Eugene Bazemore 2nd Place $72.79
November 2019 Krazy Kards Regional - Basildon Mystic Mine Aaron Henman 2nd Place $71.87
October 2019 Regional - Tulsa Oklahoma Mystic Mine Dokota Darpinian 7th Place $95.75
October 2019 Regional - Detroit Michigan Mystic Mine Austin Fisher 35th Place $49.36
September 2019 Pro-Play Tour Orlando Mystic Mine Jeff Leonard Top 16 $49.28
June 2019 WCQ - North America Mystic Mine Jason Kartanowicz Top 64 $84.81
June 2019 National Championship - Ireland Mystic Mine Ant Burrage 21st Place $40.64
June 2019 National Championship - Czech Republic Mystic Mine Daniel Kvak Top 8 $44.72
May 2019 Regional - Crestwood Missouri Mystic Mine Terry Cockerill Jr 18th Place $52.37
May 2019 Regional - Winnipeg Canada Mystic Mine Evan Kupchyk 2nd Place $50.44
May 2019 Regional - Exeter France Mystic Mine Connor Ankers 6th Place $77.02
May 2019 Regional - San Jose California Mystic Mine Sean Nguyen 1st Place $50.41