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May 2022
Tournament Deck Duelist Placed Archetype Deck Price
YCS - Charlotte North Carolina Adventurer Prank-Kids Elijah Green 1st Place Prank-Kids $123.53
YCS - Charlotte North Carolina Eldlich Jerome Adams 2nd Place Golden $72.61
YCS - Charlotte North Carolina Cyberse Eldlich Enzo Fiallos 3rd Place Destiny $153.52
Regional - Lubbock Texas Phantom Knights Adam Rodriguez 4th Place Phantom Knight $115.27
Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series Hartford 2022 Sky Striker Poe Jiang 1st Place Striker $95.06
Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series Hartford 2022 Drytron Justin Singh 3rd Place Drytron $191.38
Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series Hartford 2022 Swordsoul Tenyi Andrew Dolich 4th Place Tenyi $124.10
Regional - Philadelphia Pennsylvania Dinosaur FTK Tristan Hernandez 6th Place True King Dino $80.19
Regional - Pasadena California Floowandereeze Lawrence Jones 2nd Place Floowandereeze $131.38
Regional - Fort Worth Texas Dinomorphia Fritz Copes 18th Place Dinomorphia $39.26
National Championship - Spain Floowandereeze Julio Valls 1st Place Floowandereeze $101.32
WCQ Regional Kaiserslautern Swordsoul Tenyi Robin Schrecklinger 2nd Place Swordsoul $147.51
Regional - Omaha Nebraska Mekk-Knight Johnny Nguyen 5th Place Mekk-Knight $92.47
Regional - Knoxville Tennessee Pendulum Magicians Brandon Mckamey 9th Place Magician $102.30
Regional - San Diego California Branded Drytron Ryan Sano 1st Place Branded $202.43
Regional - Columbus Ohio Adventurer Crusadia Michael Dimisa 5th Place Crusadia $116.86
May 2022 Columbus Ohio Regional Qualifier Phantom Knights Dean Watkins 43rd Place Phantom Knight $92.35