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August 2018
Tournament Deck Duelist Placed Archetype Deck Price
UDS Invitational - Kansas City Gouki Cameron Neal 1st Place Gouki $52.07
Regional - Sao Paulo Brazil ABC-Dragon Buster Cristian Kenji Namba 20th Place ABC-Dragon Buster $59.97
Link Summer Challenge - Nîmes Pure Sky Striker Kilian Boulhaïs Top 8 Striker $58.09
LLDS - Stockton Sky Striker Anthony Allsopp 4th Place Sky Striker $53.31
Regional - Wilsonville Oregon Mekk-Knight Invoked Sky Striker Matthew Bauer Top 8 Mekk-Knight $56.22
Regional - Portland Maine Mermail Atlanteans Alex Ahearn Top 8 Mermail $92.61
Regional - Indianapolis Indiana Trickstar Sky Striker Larry Musgrove 2nd Place Trickstar $100.97
Regional - Houston Texas Ritual Beasts Alex Bastian 7th Place Ritual $69.94
LLDS - Spain Crusadia Alejandro Voto Top 8 Crusadia $40.65
WCC - Maringá Cubic Raphael 3rd Place Cubic $58.82
LLDS - Catania D/D Magician Sergio Conti 1st Place Magician $75.39
Regional - Rosemont Illinois Demise True Draco Ryan Hall 1st Place True Draco $52.51
Regional - Bloomington Cyber Dragon Sky Striker Matt Riley 12th Place Sky Striker $75.78
Imperium Duelist Pro Series Pure Sky Striker Andres Torres 1st Place Sky Striker $57.40
Regional - Omaha Nebraska Six Samurai Jeremy Bader 1st Place Six Samurai $107.44
Regional - Omaha Nebraska Crusadia John Leong 8th Place Crusadia $55.46
Regional - Montreal Canada Burning Abyss Danger! Derek 1st Place Burning Abyss $65.07
LLDS - Perth Altergeist Yatin Patel 1st Place Altergeist $71.42
LLDS - Perth Gouki Gouki 2nd Place Gouki $64.65
Regional - Omaha Nebraska Timelord Burn Nolan Choquette 18th Place Timelord $63.83
OTS Celebration Masked Hero Rubens Piovesan 3rd Place HERO $49.55
LLDS - Mainz PSY-Frame Ranko J. 1st Place PSY-Frame $94.63
World Championship - Chiba Japan Trickstar Wang Chia Ching 1st Place Trickstar $83.64
World Championship - Chiba Japan Altergeist Bohdan Temnyk 2nd Place Altergeist $90.40
World Championship - Chiba Japan Gouki Jesse Kotton Top 8 Gouki $62.38
2018 World Championship Trickstars Wang Chia Ching 1st Place Trickstar $70.79