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February 2019
Tournament Deck Duelist Placed Archetype Deck Price
YCS - Düsseldorf True Draco Nicolai Stiborg Top 32 True Draco $52.64
YCS - Düsseldorf Danger! Thunder Dragons Guardragons Ludvig Hallstrom Top 64 Danger $73.23
Regional - Istanbul HERO Celil Eren Kalkan 3rd Place HERO $88.75
OTS Championships - Winnipeg, Manitoba Paleozoic Frogs Jordan Klassen 1st Place Paleozoic $47.79
OTS Championships - Winnipeg, Manitoba Subterror Guru Control Kris Ginther 3rd Place Subterror $98.06
YCS - Düsseldorf Salamangreat Jonas Koschel 2nd Place Salamangreat $67.81
YCS - Düsseldorf Dark Warrior Danger! Orcust Dinh-kha Bui 3rd Place Danger $64.44
YCS - Düsseldorf Subterror Guru Control Can Tari Top 8 Subterror $74.75
YCS - Düsseldorf Artifact Salamangreat Raphael Neven Top 16 Salamangreat $68.58
YCS - Dusseldorf Danger! Orcust Thomas Rose 1st Place Danger $59.58
Regional - Costa Rica Dark Magician Alejandro Palma Top 32 Magician $76.45
OTS - Colorado Springs Subterror Guru Control Sean Schneiter 1st Place Subterror $122.59
OTS Championships - United States Subterror Guru Control Gavin Kale 1st Place Subterror $85.53
OTS Championship - Brockton MA Cyber Dragons James Thomas Woodman 6th Place Cyber $69.47
Regional - Montreal Canada Danger! Blue-Eyes Guardragon Massinissa Rabouhi 7th Place Danger $125.03
Regional - Cali Colombia Danger! Salamangreat Andres Torres 1st Place Salamangreat $43.00
Dueling Nexus 12 Player Tournament Zombie World 2019 Just_a_mongrel 2nd Place Zombie $55.89
Regional - San Jose California Burning Abyss Anthony Tachella Top 16 Burning Abyss $47.50
Regional - Richmond Virginia Trickstar Sky Striker Brandon Hargett 38th Place Sky Striker $75.89
Regional - Bristol England Shaddoll Trains Tom Barrass 9th Place Shaddoll $37.49
Regional - Prague Chaos Thunder Dragons Daniel Kvak 3rd Place Thunder $85.63
Regional - Napoli Italy Burning Abyss Antonio Capasso Top 8 Burning Abyss $44.47
Regional - Montreal Canada Gem-Knight FTK Kevin Rodrigues 1st Place Gem-Knight $68.58
Regional - Montreal Canada Sky Striker Phan Tuan Anh 6th Place Sky Striker $61.62
Regional - Indianapolis Indiana Dinomist Nick Moore 15th Place Dinomist $88.60
Regional - Bristol England Shaddoll Trains Thomas Barrass 9th Place Shaddoll $36.21
Regional - Omaha Nebraska True Draco Gavin Andrews 1st Place True Draco $57.08
Regional - Omaha Nebraska Trickstar Trap Trick Dylan Link 3rd Place Trickstar $67.87
Regional - Omaha Nebraska Pendulum Magician Ft. Kali Yuga Payson Maydew 5th Place Magician $62.51
Regional - Omaha Nebraska Going Second Sky Strikers Sam Shaner 6th Place Sky Striker $73.25
Regional - Omaha Nebraska Danger! Orcust Nick Mapes 7th Place Orcust $49.68
Regional - Winnipeg Canada Magical Musketeers Minsoo Kim 9th Place Magical $79.01
Regional - South Portland Maine Cyber Dragon OTK James Thomas Top 16 Cyber $71.44
Regional - Portland Maine Nekroz Alex Ahearn 5th Place Nekroz $58.69
Regional - Portland Maine Metalfoes Sky Striker Eric White Top 8 Metalfoe $77.07
Regional - Portland Maine Cyber Dragons James Thomas Woodman 16th Place Cyber $70.26
Regional - Jacksonville Florida Crusadia Guardragon Mark J 16th Place Crusadia $79.79
Regional - Jacksonville Florida Sky Striker Nikita L. Top 24 Sky Striker $69.72
Regional - Atlanta Georgia Dark Warrior Synchro Koty Angeloff 5th Place Synchro $62.24
Regional - Atlanta Georgia Pure Sky Strikers Mark Anthony Bondoc Top 16 Sky Striker $61.00
Regional - Spain Lunalight Eric Ortega 3rd Place Lunalight $38.14
Regional - Trani Italy 60 Card Dark Gouki Tievoli Domenico 1st Place Gouki $67.73
YCS - Chicago Illinois Danger! Lunalight Raphael Neven 1st Place Lunalight $52.60
YCS - Chicago Illinois Cyber Dragons Alex Mondlak Top 8 Cyber $58.03
YCS - Chicago Illinois Subterror Clifton Land Top 16 Subterror $100.54
YCS - Chicago Illinois Danger! Thunder Dragon Shovon Roy Top 16 Danger $75.25
YCS - Chicago Illinois Prank-Kids Johnathan Gochenour Top 16 Prank-Kids $67.21
YCS - Chicago Illinois Sky Striker Kassim Hakim Top 32 Sky Striker $62.07
YCS - Chicago Illinois Crusadia Guardragon Kenny Mccarthy Top 32 Crusadia $83.66
YCS - Chicago Illinois Burning Abyss Brad Smith Top 64 Burning Abyss $48.68
Regional - Chicago Illinois ABC-Dragon Buster Calvin Tahan Top 4 ABC-Dragon Buster $76.82
YCS - Chicago Illinois Danger! Thunder Dragon Denis Nadas 2nd Place Thunder $88.44
YCS - Chicago Illinois Danger! Orcust Ed Acepcion Top 8 Danger $51.30
YCS - Chicago Illinois Go Second Sky Strikers Alyse Chase Davis Top 32 Sky Striker $75.09
Regional - Folkstone UK Shiranui Zombies Adam Morewood 16th Place Zombie $60.21