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YCS - Minneapolis Minnesota
October 2022
Deck Duelist Placed Archetype Deck Price
Spright Tearlaments Chris Leblanc 1st Place Tearlaments $312.86
Floowandereeze Michael Tamez 2nd Place Floowandereeze $122.87
Runick Spright Marcus Hayden 3rd Place Spright $183.94
Danger! Tearlaments Koty Angeloff 4th Place Tearlaments $170.99
Bystial Tearlaments Denis Nadas Top 8 Tearlaments $175.37
60-Card Branded Bystial Tearlaments Cameron Neal Top 8 Tearlaments $254.39
Spright Pete Navarro Top 16 Spright $268.39
Bystial Tearlaments Jibriel Braithwaite Top 16 Tearlaments $151.98
Spright Paulo Goncalves Top 16 Spright $237.15
Bystial Tearlaments Calvin Chow Top 16 Tearlaments $231.52
Bystial Tearlaments Walter Jule Top 16 Tearlaments $172.32
Bystial Dragon Link Clifton Land Top 16 Bystial $159.97
Scareclaw Tearlaments Vladis Baranovskis Top 32 Tearlaments $253.35
Bystial Tearlaments Dominic Couch Top 32 Tearlaments $237.89
Exosister Lyric Bruner Top 32 Exosister $135.21
Tearlaments Shunping Xu Top 32 Tearlaments $184.64
Bystial Tearlaments Steven Hernandez Top 32 Tearlaments $193.77
Bystial Thunder Dragon David Erpen Top 32 Bystial $305.83
Spright Steven Santoli Top 32 Spright $244.46
Danger! Tearlaments Alyse Davis Top 32 Tearlaments $170.66
Spright Aldo Garcia Top 32 Spright $201.02
Tearlaments Cristian Urena Top 32 Tearlaments $173.75
Spright Brenden Beckmann Top 32 Spright $269.53
Danger! Spright Tearlaments Owsley Tanner Top 32 Tearlaments $257.85
November 2016
Deck Duelist Placed Archetype Deck Price
Majespecters Corey Roca 17th - 32nd Place Majespecter $67.82
October 2016
Deck Duelist Placed Archetype Deck Price
Galaxy Blue-Eyes White Dragon Richard Wattle Top 8 Blue-Eyes $142.14
Lightsworn Jovad Cruz Top 8 Lightsworn $80.32
Majespecter Metalfoes Marcus Hayden 1st Place Metalfoe $74.64
Majespecter Metalfoes Joel White 2nd Place Metalfoe $51.83
Majespecters Aaron Furman 3rd - 4th Place Majespecter $98.81
Burning Phantom Knights Koty Angeloff 3rd - 4th Place Burning Abyss $66.30
Galaxy Blue-Eyes White Dragon Isabella Martinez 9th - 16th Place Blue-Eyes $181.25
Burning Phantom Knights Calvin Tahan 9th - 16th Place Burning Abyss $75.74
Brethren Majespecters Jon Lowery 9th - 16th Place Majespecter $74.09
Infernoids Benjamin Deeter 9th - 16th Place Infernoid $84.36
Blue-Eyes White Dragon Ryan Murakami 9th - 16th Place Blue-Eyes $139.64
Majespecter Metalfoes Deuce Myatt 17th - 32nd Place Metalfoe $77.45
Speedroid Hero Phantom Knights Rob Loa 17th - 32nd Place Phantom Knight $46.36
Dark Kozmos Mason Mattila 17th - 32nd Place Kozmo $96.12
Burning Abyss Monarchs Bernardo Miranda 17th - 32nd Place Burning Abyss $86.89
Blue-Eyes White Dragon David Flores 17th - 32nd Place Blue-Eyes $140.89
Artifact Demise Kozmos Michael Tamez 17th - 32nd Place Kozmo $81.32
Majespecter Metalfoes Ned Salkovitch 17th - 32nd Place Metalfoe $48.31
Atlantean Mermails Leonard Anaya 17th - 32nd Place Mermail $102.65
Demise Majespecters Pete Navarro 17th - 32nd Place Majespecter $67.37
Phantom Knights / Burning Abyss Nick Mapes Top 32 Burning Abyss $73.03
Dark Magician Jeff Jones 33rd - 64th Place Magician $98.50
Blue-Eyes White Dragon Alek Juarez Top 16 Blue-Eyes $145.93