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YCS - Bochum Germany
February 2018
Deck Duelist Placed Archetype Deck Price
60-Card Shaddoll Dinosaurs Niklas Krebs Top 8 Shaddoll $84.76
Trickstars Oliver Vera Delgado Top 8 Trickstar $60.39
Pendulum Magicians Kristoffer Neilsen Top 8 Magician $85.30
World Chalice Marco Perico 1st Place World $55.81
Utopic Pendulum Magicians Marcus Patel 2nd Place Magician $73.94
Zefras Tayfun Bayraktar 3rd - 4th Place Yang Zing $68.00
Demise True Draco Evaggelos Argyris 3rd - 4th Place True Draco $85.30
Mekk-Knight Invoked Maximilian Kießling Top 8 Invoked Windwitch $64.93
60-Card Dino Lightsworn Zombies Adrian Fonolossa 9th - 16th Place Zombie $97.85
Pendulum Magicians Jonas Koschel 9th - 16th Place Magician $83.12
Pendulum Magicians Dinh Pham 9th - 16th Place Magician $69.59
Demise True Draco Zahab Shah 9th - 16th Place True Draco $94.78
Paleozoic Frogs Duelist Unknown Top 16 Paleozoic $44.87
Boarder True Dracos Lars Junginger 17th - 32nd Place True Draco $133.93
Zefras Magnus Frafjord 17th - 32nd Place Zefra $70.86
True King Dinosaurs Kevin Semlali 17th - 32nd Place True King Dino $52.41
Trickstars Flavio Palumbo 17th - 32nd Place Trickstar $69.82
Gem-Knight FTK Nick Scheffer 17th - 32nd Place Gem-Knight $52.95
Mekk-Knight Invoked Joel Ramershoven 17th - 32nd Place Invoked Windwitch $65.60
Burning Abyss Pietro Fiorito 17th - 32nd Place Burning Abyss $67.27
December 2016
Deck Duelist Placed Archetype Deck Price
Paleozoic Frogs Niccolo Mazzoleni Top 8 Paleozoic $63.18
Abyss Actor Emergency XYZ Rotca Ssyba 1st Place Abyss Actor $91.46
Majespecter Metalfoes Billy Brake 1st Place Metalfoe $64.01
Paleozoic Frogs Joshua Schmidt 2nd Place Paleozoic $60.83
Paleozoic Frogs Eugen Heidt 3rd - 4th Place Paleozoic $61.18
Awesome Heroes Roman Kieser Top 8 HERO $82.69
Awesome Mermails Callum Hinchcliffe 9th - 16th Place Mermail $106.12
Paleozoic Frogs Rafael Neven 9th - 16th Place Paleozoic $61.47
Burning Abyss Fotios Papadoliakos Top 16 Burning Abyss $70.01
Zombie Synchron Hand Loop Torben Wahl 17th - 32nd Place Synchro $87.45
Blue-Eyes White Dragon Khan Jadoon 17th - 32nd Place Blue-Eyes $142.34
Brilliant ABC-Dragon Buster Tom Dop 17th - 32nd Place ABC-Dragon Buster $60.71
Awesome Performage Lightsworn Marvin Weber 17th - 32nd Place Lightsworn $77.76
Majespecter Metalfoes Philip Brockhaus Top 32 Metalfoe $73.56
November 2016
Deck Duelist Placed Archetype Deck Price
Ninja Lockdown Cole Slocum 1st Place Ninja $69.38
May 2015
Deck Duelist Placed Archetype Deck Price
Nekroz Luca Chetoni 1st Place Nekroz $75.62
Satellarknights Philip Weidinger 9th - 16th Place Satellarknight $70.48
Nekroz Oliver Lukenda 17th - 32nd Place Nekroz $81.98
Star Seraph Shaddolls Chan Zhongheng 17th - 32nd Place Ritual $85.17
April 2015
Deck Duelist Placed Archetype Deck Price
Nekroz Federico Zoppini 3rd - 4th Place Nekroz $88.44
Star Seraph Shaddolls Jeppe Peeperkori 3rd - 4th Place Ritual $89.44
Volcanic Heroes Lars Junginger 5th - 8th Place Volcanic $92.48
Qliphorts Benedikt Junk 5th - 8th Place Qliphort $56.02
Shaddolls Long Dao 5th - 8th Place Shaddoll $79.25
Mecha Phantom Beasts Nino Zimmermann 9th - 16th Place Phantom Knight $74.81
Nekroz Marcello Barberi 9th - 16th Place Nekroz $81.44
Nekroz Joshua Schmidt 9th - 16th Place Nekroz $77.20
Nekroz Piran Asci 9th - 16th Place Nekroz $79.36
Star Seraph Shaddolls Mathijs Schuurman 9th - 16th Place Ritual $75.56
Shaddolls Merlin Schumacher 17th - 32nd Place Shaddoll $81.14
Nekroz Carmelo Buttiglieri 17th - 32nd Place Nekroz $90.11
Nekroz Themistoklis Gkyzis 17th - 32nd Place Nekroz $80.18