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January 2020
Tournament Deck Duelist Placed Archetype Deck Price
Pro-Play Tour - Orlando Altergeist Pak Pamornsut 1st Place Altergeist $82.38
Pro-Play Tour - Orlando SPYRAL Michael State 2nd Place SPYRAL $143.91
Pro-Play Tour - Orlando SPYRAL Alyse Davis Top 16 SPYRAL $106.89
Pro-Play Tour - Orlando Salamangreat Joe Bogli Top 16 Salamangreat $67.63
Pro-Play Tour - Orlando Danger! Lunalight Noah Beygelman Top 16 Lunalight $174.90
Pro-Play Tour - Orlando Cyber Dragon Orcust Blair Hunter Top 16 Orcust $80.92
Pro-Play Tour - Orlando True King Dinosaurs Stephen Bronder Top 16 True King Dino $64.22
Regional - Stevenage UK Altergeist Adam Black 5th Place Altergeist $77.78
Regional - Folkstone England Shaddoll Dinosaurs Ridhwan Talukdar 3rd Place Shaddoll $58.62
Regional - Folkstone England Danger! Lunalight Giles Dale 4th Place Lunalight $65.33
Regional - Athens Greece Scrap SPYRAL Vassilis Stamatiadis Top 8 SPYRAL $71.13
PPG Orlando Gouki Steven Lojan Top 16 Gouki $92.86
Regional - Stevenage UK Anti-Meta Jasper Impey Top 32 Anti-Metum $64.54
Regional - Scarborough Ontario Mythical Endymion Steven Trifunoski 5th Place Endymion $55.16
Regional - Valladolid Mexico Magicians' SPYRAL Jorge Longarte 1st Place Magician $129.45
Regional - University of Toronto Scarborough Sky Striker Orcust Collin Tiessen 40th Place Orcust $84.66
Regional - Lock Haven Pennsylvania Dark Magician Teamsamuraix1 35th Place Magician $190.23
YCS - Sydney Australia Striker Scrap Orcust Corey Ganje 1st Place Sky Striker $84.06
YCS - Sydney Australia Mythical Endymion Yury Milenkov 3rd Place Endymion $74.12
YCS - Sydney Australia Striker Thunder Dragon Alex Berlemon Top 16 Thunder $89.20
YCS - Sydney Australia Striker Scrap Orcust Max Galettis Top 16 Sky Striker $83.95
YCS - Sydney Australia Salamangreat Joshua Glen Top 16 Salamangreat $96.44
YCS - Sydney Australia World Chalice Dino Spasovski Top 32 World $64.34
YCS - Sydney Australia Sky Striker Orcust Leroy Onuoha Top 32 Sky Striker $76.79
YCS - Sydney Australia Sky Striker True Draco Derek Connelly Top 32 True Draco $78.49
YCS - Sydney Australia Salamangreat Peter Mitro Top 32 Salamangreat $84.63
YCS - Sydney Australia Salamangreat Isaac Stott Top 32 Salamangreat $59.05
YCS - Sydney Australia Pendulum Magicians Harrison Kneeshaw Top 32 Magician $76.47
YCS - Sydney Australia Sky Striker Orcust Bohdan Temnyk Top 32 Sky Striker $82.39
Regional - Dublin Ireland Gravekeepers Evan Smith 15th Place Gravekeeper $86.00
Regional - Shreveport Louisiana Infernoids Antonio Aguilar 2nd Place Infernoid $133.44
Regional - Shreveport Louisiana Mekk-Knight Invoked Nicholas Pitts 3rd Place Mekk-Knight $100.01
Regional - Shreveport Louisiana Striker Synchron Orcust Joey Linch Top 8 Synchro $90.84
Regional - Shreveport Louisiana Traptrix Kevin Bortle Top 8 Traptrix $45.52
Regional - Shreveport Louisiana Sky Striker Orcust Kobe Short Top 8 Sky Striker $83.24
Regional - Prince George Canada Endymion Orcust Striker Jayden Nowell Top 8 Endymion $79.59
Regional - Hollywood Florida BA Predaplant Orcust Christian Castro 5th Place Burning Abyss $100.52
Regional - Hollywood Florida Burning Abyss Nikita L 22nd Place Burning Abyss $74.33
Regional - Columbus Ohio Striker Lightsworn Orcust John Wilkin 8th Place Lightsworn $73.52
Regional - Cardiff Wales Sky Striker Orcust Lewis Cupoli 5th Place Sky Striker $89.68
Regional - Cardiff Wales Orcust Jamie Walkinshaw 6th Place Orcust $87.96
Regional - Cardiff England Sky Striker Orcust Lewis Cupoli 5th Place Sky Striker $85.71
St Jansteen Mekk-knight Ali Reza 8th Place Legacy $91.36
Regional Ponta Grossa Brazil BA Block Dragon Gustavo Ribeiro Dos Santos 3rd Place Burning Abyss $68.66
Regional - Duluth Georgia Cyber Dragons Jason Templeton 20th Place Cyber $74.27
Regional - Duluth Georgia Paleozoic Frogs Cliff Morris 3rd Place Frog $79.59
Regional - St. Jansteen Netherlands BA Block Dragon Joshua Oosters 2nd Place Burning Abyss $61.95
Regional - Rosemont Illinois Salamangreat Ryan Yu 1st Place Salamangreat $82.47
Regional - Rosemont Illinois Subterror Guru Control Tyler Hoglund 3rd Place Subterror $91.54
Regional - Rosemont Illinois Altergeist Anthony Accettura 4th Place Altergeist $81.77
Regional - Rosemont Illinois Pure Thunder Dragons Marek Jellen 9th Place Thunder $111.67
Regional - Rosemont Illinois Endymion Pendulum FTK Paul Cooper 16th Place Endymion $81.63
Regional - Houston Texas Sky Striker Orcust Andrew Lara 1st Place Sky Striker $89.34
Regional - Houston Texas Sky Striker Orcust Jonathan Webb Top 8 Sky Striker $96.12
Regional - Houston Texas Dark SPYRAL Nick Petzold 9th Place SPYRAL $63.50
Regional - Houston Texas Infernoids Christopher Corral 12th Place Infernoid $127.99