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April 2018
Tournament Deck Duelist Placed Archetype Deck Price
YCS - Salt Lake City ABC Destrudo Hand Trap Xinyu Jiang Top 32 ABC-Dragon Buster $64.23
YCS - Memphis Tennessee 60 Card Dinosaur Jeff Jones Top 16 True King Dino $75.89
Regional - Toronto Ontario True Draco Invoked David Bui 5th Place True Draco $102.17
Regional - Toronto Canada True Dracos Victor Li Top 8 True Draco $80.21
Regional - Toronto Canada Paleo Frogs Haitham Ahmedkhalil 28th Place Paleozoic $67.10
Regional - Toronto Canada Extra Deck Demise True Draco Cody Lafortune Top 33 True Draco $93.95
Regional - Nowra Australia Gem Knight FTK Zac Daly 4th Place Gem-Knight $68.34
Regional - Nowra Australia Burning Abyss Dinos Kabir Mir 9th - 16th Place Burning Abyss $53.89
YCS - Memphis Tennessee Abductor Pendulum Magicians Andres Espinosa 2nd Place Magician $71.04
Regional - San Jose California Mekk-Knight Invoked Gavin Arnott 4th Place Mekk-Knight $75.04
Regional - Lithuania Trickstars Marco Gallina Top 4 Trickstar $71.62
N/A True Draco Meza 1st Place True Draco $76.88
2018 WCQ: Regional Qualifiers Trickstars Marco Gallina Top 4 Trickstar $64.32
Regional - Sydney Australia Mekk-Knight Invoked Harrison Jarman 16th Place Mekk-Knight $42.34
Regional - Los Angeles California 60 Card Dinosaur Zombie Plant Daniel Ascencio 23rd Place Zombie $77.20
Regional - LA California Pendulum Magician FTK Noah Terpening 11th Place Magician $80.53
Regional - Atlanta Georgia Infernity FTK Demonte Cole 4th Place Infernity $44.95
Regional - Atlanta Georgia 60-Card Kitchen Sink Avery Lewis 5th Place Saryuja $95.99
Regional - San Antonio Texas World Chalice Jameel Johnson 28th Place World $44.50
Regional - Montreal Canada Invoked Mekk-Knights Phan Tuan Anh 2nd Place Mekk-Knight $73.56
Regional - Montreal Canada SPYRAL Charles-Étienne Ruel 4th Place SPYRAL $47.91
Regional - Montreal Canada Burning Abyss Dino Samuel Breton 9th Place Burning Abyss $47.84
Regional - Madison Wisconsin Ritual Beasts T.j. Richmond 16th Place Ritual $78.06
Regional - Madison Wisconsin True Draco Kozmos Adam Wantoch 27th Place True Draco $0.00
Regional - Istanbul World Chalice Berkay Gündar 1st Place World $55.64
Regional - Istanbul Pendulum Magicians Celil Eren Kalkan 2nd Place Magician $65.79
Regional - Istanbul Kaiju Cyber Dragons Ali Emircan Arslan 3rd Place Kaiju $55.80
Regional - Istanbul Magical Musketeers Baris Erturer 5th Place Magical $79.38
Regional - Tulsa Oklahoma True Draco Alexander Hales 1st Place True Draco $70.88
Regional - Tulsa Oklahoma Pendulum Magician FTK Roy Lopez Top 8 Magician $84.33
Regional - Tulsa Oklahoma Trickstars Kenneth Uphoff 16th Place Trickstar $73.06
Regional - Philadelphia Pennsylvania Paleo Frogs Codey Edwards 29th Place Frog $47.15
Regional - Philadelphia Pennsylvania Trickstars James Thomas Woodman Top 64 Trickstar $93.45
Regional - Ottawa Canada Mekk-Knight Invoked Geoffrey Dai 21st Place Mekk-Knight $87.82
Regional - Calgary Canada Trickstars Ian Smith 5th Place Trickstar $85.51
Regional - Calgary Canada Demise True Draco Nolan Radke 6th Place True Draco $120.64
Regional - Calgary Canada Demise True Draco William Cyr 12th Place True Draco $85.96
Regional - Blois France Burning Abyss Alexandre Pousset Top 8 Burning Abyss $79.78