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December 2018
Tournament Deck Duelist Placed Archetype Deck Price
Age of Tournament 2018: Borrel Game True Draco Kozmos Sandy Susanto 1st Place True Draco $73.41
National Championship - Canada All Out Inzektors Don Senio Top 4 Inzektor $26.03
Quarterly Open Sheffield Crusadia Lizzie Jackson 13th Place Crusadia $30.84
Regional - Seattle Washington Prank-Kids Alex Amador 9th Place Prank-Kids $50.48
Regional - Providence Rhode Island Burning Abyss Victor Valenzuela Top 8 Burning Abyss $50.22
Regional - Providence Rhode Island Altergeist Tim Norton Top 32 Altergeist $41.32
Regional - Firenze Dino Thunder Dragons Alessio Cefola Top 8 Thunder $82.80
ARG Circuit Series Orlando ABC Pendulum Magician Trickstar Sky Striker Julie Tomanio 15th Place Magician $99.16
Regional - Seattle Washington Sky Striker Manav Dawar 1st Place Sky Striker $74.33
Regional - Seattle Washington Burning Abyss Luken Lake 27th Place Burning Abyss $53.99
Regional - Dunedin New Zealand Zombie Horde Cade Coughlin Top 4 Zombie $73.23
Regional - Columbus Ohio Thunder Dragons Ricky Lee 7th Place Thunder $94.26
Regional - Columbus Ohio Burning Abyss Austin Shaffer Top 8 Burning Abyss $71.18
Regional - Columbus Ohio Demise True Draco Timothy Pertuset 42nd Place True Draco $48.15
YCS - Milan Italy Prank-Kids Dinh-kha Bui 1st Place Prank-Kids $58.49
Regional - St. Louis Missouri Pendulum Magicians Zackery Bare Top 32 Magician $58.52
Dueling Book Zombie World Just_a_mongrel 1st Place Zombie $56.59
YCS - Milan Italy Pendulum Magicians Zekias Shah Top 16 Magician $81.77
YCS - Milan Italy Gem-Knight FTK Vladis Baranovskis Top 32 Gem-Knight $76.75
YCS - Milan Italy Pure Sky Striker Anthony Schroetter Top 32 Striker $72.09
Regional - St. Louis Missouri World Chalice Octavio Bedolla 8th Place World $64.21
Regional - San Jose California Pendulum Magicians Nick Mccarthy Top 48 Magician $58.66
Regional - Bloomington Pure Sky Striker Mason Mattila 1st Place Sky Striker $77.65
Regional - Bloomington Thunder Dragon Jake Kuenzi 2nd Place Thunder $89.94
Regional - Bloomington Sky Strikers Micheal Wagner 3rd Place Sky Striker $73.60
Regional - Bloomington Pure Sky Striker Justin Bakos 4th Place Sky Striker $63.65
Regional - Bloomington Pure Sky Striker Jonathan Lee 7th Place Sky Striker $83.96
Regional - Bloomington Rhongo Turbo Max Reynolds 8th Place Danger $77.50
Regional - Bloomington Thunder Dragon Chaos Alexander C. Faber 9th Place Thunder $95.50
YCS - Milan Italy Sky Striker Lucas Windel Top 8 Sky Striker $67.91
YCS - Milan Italy Danger FTK Joschua Schmidt Top 16 Danger $61.88
Regional - Coatzacoalcos Mexico Burning Abyss Mauricio Olmos Top 4 Burning Abyss $59.25
Regional - Salem Oregon Gem-Knight FTK Matthew Bauer 1st Place Gem-Knight $82.72
Regional - Nicaragua Boarder True Dracos Carlos Rodriguez 2nd Place True Draco $43.81
LLDS Final: The Low Countries Sky Striker Trickstar Ryan Jacobs 1st Place Trickstar $83.23
LLDS Final: The Low Countries Sky Striker Trickstar Ryan Jacobs 1st Place Striker $79.81
Bowlie's Quarters Locals Danger! Just_a_mongrel 1st Place Danger! $63.83
Regional - Winnipeg Canada True King Dinos Alex Adams 2nd Place True King Dino $44.70
Regional - San Antonio Texas Burning Abyss Aaron Delgado Top 16 Burning Abyss $48.09