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YCS - Milan Italy
December 2019
Deck Duelist Placed Archetype Deck Price
True Draco Maximilien Delval 2nd Place True Draco $67.83
Sky Striker Orcust Ryhan Jabri Top 8 Orcust $114.11
Pure Thunder Dragons Domenic Anton Top 8 Thunder $99.14
Magical Musketeers Kristijan Mašic Top 32 Magical $118.25
Endymion Pendulum FTK Alex Moffatt Top 32 Endymion $88.19
Cyber Dragon Control Angelo Svast Top 64 Cyber $86.69
HERO Sebastian Hochfellner Top 64 HERO $92.45
Shaddoll Trains Seppe Hendrickx Top 64 Shaddoll $63.63
December 2018
Deck Duelist Placed Archetype Deck Price
Prank-Kids Dinh-kha Bui 1st Place Prank-Kids $53.67
Sky Striker Lucas Windel Top 8 Sky Striker $75.16
Pendulum Magicians Zekias Shah Top 16 Magician $77.57
Danger FTK Joschua Schmidt Top 16 Danger $67.99
Gem-Knight FTK Vladis Baranovskis Top 32 Gem-Knight $70.13
Pure Sky Striker Anthony Schroetter Top 32 Striker $72.09
December 2014
Deck Duelist Placed Archetype Deck Price
Qliphorts Daniele Stella 1st Place Qliphort $103.78
Burning Abyss Fabio Polito 2nd Place Burning Abyss $73.64
Burning Abyss Luigi Alici 3rd - 4th Place Burning Abyss $50.93
Qliphorts Oleksandr Atamanenko 3rd - 4th Place Qliphort $47.01
Evilswarm Emre Kizilates 5th - 8th Place Evilswarm $80.83
Chaos Shaddolls Themistoklis Gkyzis 5th - 8th Place Shaddoll $92.90
Qliphorts Luca di Pietro Paolo 5th - 8th Place Qliphort $101.29
Burning Abyss Alpay Engin 5th - 8th Place Burning Abyss $92.26
Chaos Shaddolls Christos Mourikis 9th - 16th Place Shaddoll $93.86
Chaos Shaddolls Piran Asci 9th - 16th Place Shaddoll $58.27
Chaos Shaddolls Piran Asci 9th - 16th Place Shaddoll $65.14
Artifact Chaos Shaddolls Leo Giner 9th - 16th Place Shaddoll $44.37
Artifact Shaddolls Emanuel Casella 17th - 32nd Place Shaddoll $83.63
Artifact Shaddolls Rajesh Mahabir 17th - 32nd Place Shaddoll $46.30
Qliphorts Tommaso Pomella 17th - 32nd Place Qliphort $100.82
Chaos Shaddolls Sascha Fabian 17th - 32nd Place Shaddoll $73.54
Burning Abyss Niclae Leichnitz 17th - 32nd Place Burning Abyss $87.52
Qliphorts Jake Quinsee 17th - 32nd Place Qliphort $107.24
Burning Abyss Marcello Barberi 17th - 32nd Place Burning Abyss $64.89
Chaos Shaddolls Kevin Semlali 17th - 32nd Place Shaddoll $90.48
Chaos Shaddolls w/ 4 Tribute Fiends Christopher Dobrota 17th - 32nd Place Shaddoll $46.52