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YCS - Rimini Italy

September 2016

Deck Duelist Placed Archetype Deck Price
Draco Performapals Harald Rose Top 8 Performapal $232.36
Majespecter Odd-Eyes Pendulums Alex Neag Top 8 Majespecter $366.90
Fire King Kozmos Alberto Conti 1st Kozmo $274.21

September 2015

Deck Duelist Placed Archetype Deck Price
Nekroz Matteo Vernizzi Top 8 Nekroz $264.02
Burning Abyss Alessandro Di Patria Top 8 Burning Abyss $67.11
Performage Nekroz Massimiliano Santoro Top 8 Nekroz $274.70
Traptrix Kozmos Peter Gross Top 8 Kozmo $164.87
Performage Nekroz Lorenzo Santoni 1st Nekroz $228.19
Performage Nekroz Andrea Zanotti 2nd Nekroz $256.98
Burning Abyss Giorgio Dascal 3rd - 4th Burning Abyss $110.91
Infernoids Alessandro Campo 9th - 16th Infernoid $208.76
Performage Nekroz Piran Asci 9th - 16th Nekroz $231.28
Nekroz w/ Archfiend Eccentrick Alexander Hultzsch 9th - 16th Nekroz $255.11
Nekroz Liu Changyu 9th - 16th Nekroz $265.59
Satellarknights Norman Wilde 9th - 16th Satellarknight $166.59
Star Seraph Shaddolls Marcel Leucker 9th - 16th Star Seraph Ritual $197.37
Burning Abyss Niko Schlierkamp 17th - 32nd Burning Abyss $107.64
Nekroz Nicola Nicoli 17th - 32nd Nekroz $250.61
Performage Shaddolls Kristoffer Nielsen 17th - 32nd Shaddoll $198.44
Yang Zings Fabio Fenaroli 17th - 32nd Yang Zing $168.77
Performage Nekroz Francesco Melara 17th - 32nd Nekroz $262.18
Ritual Beasts Gabriele Possetto 17th - 32nd Beast $77.23
Performage Nekroz Patrick Hoffman 17th - 32nd Nekroz $269.90
Performage Nekroz Joshua Schmidt 17th - 32nd Nekroz $234.43
Burning Abyss Robin Wetzel 17th - 32nd Burning Abyss $100.82