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Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series Niagara Falls 2022
September 2022
Deck Duelist Placed Archetype Deck Price
Exosister Raymond Dai 1st Place Exosister $144.07
Danger! Tearlaments Jesse Kotton 2nd Place Tearlaments $157.01
Tearlaments Cristian Urena 3rd Place Tearlaments $161.26
Danger! Spright P.U.N.K. Tearlaments Dominic Couch 4th Place Tearlaments $223.44
Danger! Spright P.U.N.K. Tearlaments Pak Pamornsut Top 8 Tearlaments $227.03
Danger! Tearlaments Luke Parkes Top 8 Tearlaments $174.90
Spright Chancy Wigglestove Top 8 Spright $192.29
Tearlaments Victor Lam Top 8 Tearlaments $186.14
Spright Mitchell Martin Top 16 Spright $211.61
Danger! Tearlaments Esala Wathuthantrige Top 16 Tearlaments $162.25
Runick Spright Thanh Nguyen Top 16 Runick $210.78
Danger! Tearlaments Jordan Gallacher Top 16 Tearlaments $159.71
Evil★Twin Spright Adrian Gonzalez Top 16 Spright $236.75
Floowandereeze Anthony Xu Top 16 Floowandereeze $162.30
Evil★Twin Runick Spright Steven Santoli Top 16 Spright $215.50
Spright Isaiah Houston Top 32 Spright $210.47
Exosister Ryan Yu Top 32 Exosister $142.74
Adventurer Spright Brian Kaiser Top 32 Spright $243.11
Runick Spright Jake Quinsee Top 32 Spright $208.05
Danger! Spright Tearlaments Denis Nadas Top 32 Tearlaments $205.12
Danger! Spright P.U.N.K. Tearlaments Mike Albanese Top 32 Tearlaments $220.80
Runick Spright James Kim Top 32 Spright $222.40
Adventurer Spright Simon He Top 32 Spright $172.74
Mathmech Collin Cleaves Top 32 Mathmech $103.39
Danger! Tearlaments Robert Klonowski Top 32 Tearlaments $169.41
Spright Calvin Chow Top 32 Spright $210.16