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YCS - Niagara Falls
September 2019
Deck Duelist Placed Archetype Deck Price
Danger! Gren Maju David Mendoza 1st Place Gren Maju $80.33
Lunalight Orcust Clifton Land 2nd Place Orcust $61.35
Sky Striker Dominic Couch 3rd Place Sky Striker $77.10
Cyber Dragons Yacine Sahli Top 8 Cyber $74.31
Sky Striker John Wilkin Top 16 Sky Striker $0.00
Sky Striker Going 2nd Phan Tuan Anh Top 16 Sky Striker $67.52
Cyber Dragon Orcust Caulin Bradshaw Top 32 Orcust $40.89
Pure Thunder Dragons Hyuk Chang Top 32 Thunder $86.36
Lunalight Orcust Ramiro Garcia Top 32 Orcust $71.55
Pendulum Endymion Zefra Orcust Matteo Guidolin 44th Place Endymion $78.95
October 2018
Deck Duelist Placed Archetype Deck Price
Danger! Dark Warrior Link Gabriel Vargas 1st Place Danger $62.67
Paleozoics Michael Wisniewski Top 4 Paleozoic $61.80
Chaos Thunder Dragons Jake Quinsee Top 4 Thunder $103.95
Danger! Dark Warrior World Jeff Jones Top 8 Danger $71.01
Thunder Dragons Andres Torres Top 8 Thunder $91.66
Altergeist Chandler Scott Top 16 Altergeist $54.57
Sky Strikers John Pedro Top 16 Sky Striker $52.02
Burning Abyss Joshua Oosters Top 16 Burning Abyss $49.09
Sky Strikers Shunping Xu Top 16 Sky Striker $71.23
Gouki John Wilkin Top 16 Gouki $52.09
Pendulum Magicians Rohan Thomas Top 32 Magician $69.55
Burning Abyss Partho Bhattacharya Top 32 Burning Abyss $68.31
Brilliant Thunder Dragons Ryan Levine Top 32 Thunder $88.98
Brilliant Thunder Dragons Bohdan Temnyk Top 32 Thunder $94.19
Danger! Dark Warrior Link Koty Angeloff Top 32 Danger $53.27
Danger! Dark Warrior Marjanco Gorgievski Top 32 Danger $63.79
Dark Gouki Victor Li Top 32 Gouki $52.10
SPYRAL!? Chuong Nguyen Top 32 SPYRAL $47.23
Sky Strikers Azad Deihim Top 32 Sky Striker $61.46
Thunder Dragon Invoked Steven Top 128 Thunder $95.30