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National Championship - Australia

August 2020

Deck Duelist Placed Archetype Deck Price
Pure Sacred Beasts Andrew Gavel-leblance 1 Beast $41.72
Sky Striker Eldlich Rebecca D 2nd Place Sky Striker $554.03
Lair Fur Hire Raymond Pilot 3rd - 4th Place Lair $627.87
Good machines (with elemental heroes because they're good and people overlook them) Billy La Rose 3rd Place Machina $81.92
Chaos Thunder Dragon Samuele De Filippo 3rd - 4th Place Thunder $112.26
60 card venominaga Bon Clay 3rd - 4th Place Venominaga $257.38
TeleDAD Gage Poljak 5th Place TeleDAD $77.25
Wet Ass Paleo Jacob Felattio Top 8 Paleozoic $116.26
Exodia Joseph Rothschild 5th - 8th Place Exodia $53.55
T-Hero John D. Occhipinti Top 8 T-HERO $29.56
Danger!? Crystal Beast Turbo Cee Jelex 8th Place Crystal Beast $149.44
Sky Striker Turbo Nadhir Top 8 Sky Striker $220.27
60 Mokey Mokey Smackdown Steven Trifunoski Top 8 Mokey Mokey $119.04
Nekroz Mathmech Jonathan Joestar 5th - 8th Place Mathmech $187.32
War Rock BA Joe Swanson Top 8 Burning Abyss $141.33
Drytron Farfa From Teamsamuraix1 Top 16 Drytrons $136.75
Invoked Fluffal Salamangroid Eusou Afazenda Top 16 Salamangreat $92.54
Digital Bugs Insector Haga 27th Place Digital Bug $812.10
Fluffals Emm Beetee Top 30 Fluffal $509.58
Kabasha John Kabasha Top 32 Kabasha $60.30
Uria, The Golden Lord of Searing Flames Uria Top 32 Lord of Searing Flames $418.47
Magic Dragon Turbo Jeff P 38th Place Dragon $558.11
Shifty Boys Sug Ma Dig 42nd Place Shifty Boys $191.13
Morinphen Cbr 77th Place Morinphen $2.04
Volcanic Airpods Paul Ayne 96th Place Volcanic $161.75
gaster blaster ftk Sans Top 128 FTK $157.72
Sir this is a Zefrawendi's Jeff Tiedrich Top 128 Zefra $84.90

June 2019

Deck Duelist Placed Archetype Deck Price
Danger! Thunder Dragon Bohdan Temnyk 1st Place Thunder $169.20
Madolche Daniel Tate Top 32 Madolche $234.39

June 2018

Deck Duelist Placed Archetype Deck Price
Sky Striker Liam Debono Top 8 Sky Striker $288.53
Demise True Draco Mark Lopez Top 16 True Draco $194.78