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Local Legend Duelist Series September 2016
September 2016
Deck Duelist Placed Archetype Deck Price
Star Seraph Gadgets Max Gattner 1st Place Ritual $75.27
Burning Phantom Knights Duelist Unknown 1st Place Burning Abyss $81.33
Demise Satellarknight Artifacts Duelist Unknown 1st Place Artifact $63.31
Draco Counter Fairies Fraser Anderson 1st Place Dracoslayer $57.16
Demise Stun Henry Stittle 1st Place Demise Stun $106.11
Satellarknights Steven MacKenzie 1st Place Satellarknight $82.70
Hippo Gofu Phantom Knights Sebastian Wernicke 1st Place Phantom Knight $65.07
Blue-Eyes White Dragon Alex Everson 1st Place Blue-Eyes $135.07
Artifact Demise Kozmos Sam Shepherd 1st Place Kozmo $76.74
Burning Phantom Knights Bradley Haywood 1st Place Burning Abyss $66.56
Satellarknights Youri Lansman 1st Place Satellarknight $80.16
Blue-Eyes White Dragon Luke Parkes 1st Place Blue-Eyes $172.21
Star Seraph Rituals Youri Lansman 1st Place Ritual $75.94
Pendulum Magicians Michael Cleaver 1st Place Magician $77.77
Majespecter Metalfoes Chris Lythe 1st Place Metalfoe $75.23
Majespecter Performapals Tom Tubbax 1st Place Performapal $82.00
Kaiju Burning Phantom Knights Chris Morrell 1st Place Kaiju $70.81
Graydle Kaijus Jouni Lehtinen 1st Place Kaiju $103.73
Kaiju Blue-Eyes Michiel De Backer 1st Place Kaiju $134.48
Paleozoics Johannes Rogiers 1st Place Paleozoic $51.54
Burning Phantom Knights JY Sharif 2nd Place Burning Abyss $74.07
Fire King Kozmos Jonte Siren 2nd Place Kozmo $81.27
Gem-Knight Blue-Eyes Isaac CM 2nd Place Blue-Eyes $139.44
Dark Synchro Nick Cuypers 2nd Place Synchro $86.14
Banish Stun Carlo Wotton 2nd Place Phantom Knight $50.15
Different Dimension Demons John Duthie 2nd Place Different Dimension Demon $102.12
Star Seraph Rituals Duelist Unknown 2nd Place Ritual $79.43
Genex Mermails Robbin Van Wilgen 2nd Place Mermail $114.21
Hero Burning Abyss Joao Paulo 2nd Place Burning Abyss $75.88
Fluffals Rasheed Saeed 2nd Place Frightfur $69.85
Prediction Princess Subterrors Mirko Conforti 3rd - 4th Place Subterror $113.13
HERO Charles Padilla Top 8 Heroic $32.00
Metalfoes kozmo William Cassin 12th Place Metalfoe $46.33