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2011 YCS Kansas City
November 2011
Deck Duelist Placed Archetype Deck Price
Chaos Courtney Waller 1st Place Chaos $150.59
Synchrocentric Christopher Biswell 2nd Place Synchro $157.67
Synchrocentric Michael Boyd 3rd - 4th Place Synchro $148.13
Karakuri Derek Rouse 3rd - 4th Place Karakuri $99.56
Dino Rabbit Alberto Gonzalez 5th - 8th Place Dino Rabbit $95.89
Synchrocentric Patrick Hoban 5th - 8th Place Synchro $162.98
Dino Rabbit Bobby Brake 5th - 8th Place Dino Rabbit $58.62
Dino Rabbit Samuel Jones 5th - 8th Place Dino Rabbit $125.54
Synchrocentric Shane Seuring 9th - 16th Place Synchro $137.04
Master Hyperion Camden Keener 9th - 16th Place Master Hyperion $121.29
Master Hyperion Barrett Keys 9th - 16th Place Master Hyperion $123.79
Master Hyperion Steve Do 9th - 16th Place Master Hyperion $115.35
Dark World Vincent Mireles 9th - 16th Place Dark World $86.03
Karakuri Karl Arbeiter 9th - 16th Place Karakuri $146.75
Synchrocentric Jerry Williams 9th - 16th Place Synchro $146.65
Synchrocentric Joe Torres 9th - 16th Place Synchro $146.73
Synchrocentric Robert Boyajian 17th - 32nd Place Synchro $157.88
Synchrocentric Stephen Silverman 17th - 32nd Place Synchro $141.96
Synchrocentric Jovad Cruz 17th - 32nd Place Synchro $155.94
Master Hyperion Larry Chapman 17th - 32nd Place Master Hyperion $125.49
Synchrocentric Samuel Pedigo 17th - 32nd Place Synchro $145.02
Synchrocentric Shay Kelly 17th - 32nd Place Synchro $148.51
Synchrocentric Zach Parcell 17th - 32nd Place Synchro $152.47
Dino Rabbit Richard Lam 17th - 32nd Place Dino Rabbit $117.03
Synchrocentric Jesus Suarez 17th - 32nd Place Synchro $138.06
X-Sabers Oscar Hopkins 17th - 32nd Place X-Saber $153.45
Dark World Jonathan Nagel 17th - 32nd Place Dark World $63.30
Synchrocentric Steffon Bizzell 17th - 32nd Place Synchro $156.85
Synchrocentric Frazier Smith 17th - 32nd Place Synchro $147.13
Synchrocentric Javier Trejo 17th - 32nd Place Synchro $160.57
Herald Hyperion Chris Rodriguez 17th - 32nd Place Herald Hyperion $123.66
Dark World Maurice Brantley 17th - 32nd Place Dark World $72.13
Plant Synchro Mike Murrell Top 32 Synchro $146.82