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February 2020

Tournament Deck Duelist Placed Archetype Deck Price
Regional - Switzerland True King Dino Bastian Erckmann 4th Place True King Dino $245.78
Regional - San Antonio Texas Scrap Orcust Kobe Short 1st Place Orcust $403.10
Regional - San Antonio Texas Pure Invoked Travis Fain 3rd Place Invoked Windwitch $408.62
Regional - San Antonio Texas True King Dinosaurs Zachary Warnock 4th Place True King Dino $582.88
Regional - San Antonio Texas Altergeist Aj Lara 7th Place Altergeist $638.69
Regional - San Antonio Texas Danger! Gren Maju Jose Ornelas 8th Place Gren Maju $258.22
Regional - San Antonio Texas Artifact Shaddoll Invoked Joey Linch Top 8 Shaddoll $439.41
Regional - San Antonio Texas Traptrix Kevin Bortle Top 8 Traptrix $628.51
Regional - San Antonio Texas Ritual Beasts Sebastian Crawford Top 16 Ritual $327.65
Regional - Lenexa Kansas True King Dinosaurs Denny Vu 1st Place True King Dino $501.54
Regional - Lenexa Kansas HERO Alec Hoeven 2nd Place HERO $721.51
Regional - Lenexa Kansas Mathmech Ivan Lester 3rd Place Mathmech $499.10
Regional - Lenexa Kansas SPYRAL Tanner Mckanna 4th Place SPYRAL $468.70
Regional - Lenexa Kansas Kozmo Johnny Nguyen 5th Place Kozmo $421.48
Regional - Lenexa Kansas Paleozoic Frogs Alfie Danklefsen 6th Place Paleozoic $374.63
Regional - Lenexa Kansas Plunder Patroll Niko Smith 29th Place Plunder Patroll $221.13
Regional - Hollywood Florida Gren Maju Paul Leo 1st Place Gren Maju $297.14
Regional - Hollywood Florida HERO Nikita L 2nd Place HERO $488.56
YCS - Utrecht Netherlands Salamangreat Ryhan Jabri 1st Place Salamangreat $451.74
YCS - Utrecht Netherlands 3-axis Dragon Link Matteo Bertulezzi 2nd Place Danger $457.60
YCS - Utrecht Netherlands Scrap SPYRAL Flavio Palumbo 3rd Place SPYRAL $751.98
YCS - Utrecht Netherlands Shaddoll Invoked Jordan Gallacher 4th Place Shaddoll $418.92
YCS - Utrecht Netherlands SPYRAL An Qi Xu Top 8 SPYRAL $719.66
YCS - Utrecht Netherlands Mekk-Knight Invoked Sam Pearson Top 8 Mekk-Knight $524.87
YCS - Utrecht Netherlands Salamangreat Donovan Bériot Top 8 Salamangreat $236.92
YCS - Utrecht Netherlands SPYRAL Giuseppe Davide Pennino Top 8 SPYRAL $476.23
YCS - Utrecht Netherlands Altergeist Oliver Newton Top 16 Altergeist $384.90
YCS - Utrecht Netherlands Shaddoll Invoked Bart Ladru Top 16 Shaddoll $213.58
YCS - Utrecht Netherlands Scrap Orcust Zoltan Kolonics Top 16 Orcust $757.00
YCS - Utrecht Netherlands Pure Thunder Dragons Domenic Anton Top 32 Thunder $496.04
YCS - Utrecht Netherlands Danger! Fire Fist Lunalight Alen Kazalac Top 32 Lunalight $591.50
YCS - Utrecht Netherlands Salamangreat Simon He Top 32 Salamangreat $236.46
YCS - Utrecht Netherlands Salamangreat Miles Sage Top 32 Salamangreat $264.23
YCS - Utrecht Netherlands Pure Shaddoll Collins Amiekhamhe Top 32 Shaddoll $434.30
YCS - Utrecht Netherlands SPYRAL Zoë Weber Top 64 SPYRAL $510.18
YCS - Utrecht Netherlands Salamangreat Dinh Khang Pham Top 64 Salamangreat $473.51
YCS - Utrecht Netherlands Mekk-Knight Shaddoll Dinosaurs Jack Verma Top 64 Shaddoll $463.35
YCS - Utrecht Netherlands Shaddoll Invoked Adel Moussaoui Top 64 Shaddoll $430.17
YCS - Utrecht Netherlands Subterror Guru Control Emanuele Berthoud Top 64 Subterror $295.77
YCS - Utrecht Netherlands Mekk-Knight Invoked Joseph Ray Top 64 Mekk-Knight $579.49
YCS - Utrecht Netherlands Rokket Guardragon Vitas Krogh Top 64 Rokket $378.25
YCS - Utrecht Netherlands Altergeist Vassilis Stamatiadis Top 64 Altergeist $540.73
YCS - Utrecht Netherlands True King Dinosaurs Callum Hinchcliffe Top 64 True King Dino $558.49
YCS - Utrecht Netherlands Danger! Gren Maju Johannes Wagner Top 64 Gren Maju $239.85
YCS - Utrecht Netherlands Time Thief Lunalight Paul Goß Top 64 Lunalight $734.65
YCS - Las Vegas Nevada True King Dino Scott Page 1st Place True King Dino $530.41
YCS - Las Vegas Nevada Shaddoll Invoked Dominic Couch 1st Place Shaddoll $485.65
WCQ Regional - Barcelona Zefra Control Favio Hernandez Top 4 Zefra $203.46
WCQ Regional - Barcelona Salamangreat Jose Antonio Top 8 Salamangreat $368.06
WCQ Regional - Barcelona Mathmech Dani Foci Top 8 Mathmech $508.51
Regional - Rochester New York Mekk-Knight Musketeers Anthony Parisi 1st Place Mekk-Knight $491.92
Regional - New Zealand HERO James Kmet 2nd Place HERO $517.63
Regional - Cottondale Alabama Paleozoic Frogs Kalep Cook Top 16 Frog $340.21
Regional - Barcelona Spain Sky Striker Pol Muñoz Top 8 Sky Striker $529.25
WCQ Regional - Barcelona Edymion Pendulum Samuel Ricca Top 4 Pendulum $206.17
UDS - Tulsa Oklahoma Traptrix Kevin Bortle 1st Place Traptrix $626.21
UDS Invitational - Tulsa Rokket Shunping Xu 1st Place Rokket $520.76
UDS Invitational - Tulsa Shaddoll Invoked Carl Manigat 2nd Place Shaddoll $364.07
UDS Invitational - Tulsa Scrap SPYRAL Ruben Penaranda Top 4 SPYRAL $639.07
UDS Invitational - Tulsa True King Dinosaurs Scott Page Top 4 True King Dino $496.80
UDS Invitational - Tulsa Utopic Lunalight Michael Campos Top 8 Lunalight $759.55
UDS Invitational - Tulsa Fire Fist Lunalight Mitchell Martin Top 8 Lunalight $689.95
UDS Invitational - Tulsa Altergeist Cameron Laureano Top 16 Altergeist $644.74
UDS Invitational - Tulsa Mythical Endymion Steven Trifunoski 36th Place Endymion $262.45
Regional - Tulsa Oklahoma Mekk-Knight Invoked Michael Hilario 1st Place Mekk-Knight $683.57
Regional - Galway Ireland Pure Shaddoll Billy Siggins Top 8 Shaddoll $165.73
Regional - Barranquilla Colombia @Ignister Andres Torres 1st Place @Ignister $457.02
Regional - Stockton England Zombie Horde John Lupin Cash Top 8 Zombie $176.71
Regional - Indianapolis Indiana Troop Dupe Scoop Andrew Dingess 75th Place Card Trooper $173.16
Regionals - Trinidad and Tobago Soulless SPYRAL Dmitri Mohammed 7th Place SPYRAL $244.43
Regional - Minneapolis Minnesota SPYRAL Ethan Schwarten 1st Place SPYRAL $765.88
Regional - London England Infinitrack Trains Tom Barrass 4th Place Infinitrack $711.00
Regional - Jacksonville Florida Salamangreat Nick Jadusingh 6th Place Salamangreat $466.55
Regional - Indianapolis Indiana Gren Maju Control Montana Johnson 3rd Place Gren Maju $312.47
Regional - Indianapolis Indiana Gren Maju Stun Dustin Richardson 16th Place Gren Maju $244.75
Regional - Hartford Connecticut Gren Maju OTK/Control with Spice Alex Smith 12th Place Gren Maju $627.09
Regional - Cheltenham England HERO Matthew Mills 1st Place HERO $734.31
YCS Vip Qualifier- Brasil Extravagance Frog Zeno Augusto Neto 10th Place Frog $456.12
Regional - Quito Ecuador Shaddoll True King Dinosaurs Daniel Jacome 1st Place True King Dino $202.00
Regional - Quito Ecuador Scrap Orcust Carlos Perez Top 8 Orcust $836.97
Regional - Quito Ecuador Rokket Carlos Hernandez Top 8 Rokket $160.49
Regional - Quito Ecuador True King Dinosaurs Jose Parra Top 8 True King Dino $448.91
Regional - Pasadena California HERO Ulises Aispuro 1st Place HERO $446.64
Regional - Pasadena California Salamangreat Dario Guzman 2nd Place Salamangreat $571.59
Regional - Pasadena California Infernoids Herman Cosie 3rd Place Infernoid $326.79
Regional - Pasadena California Danger! Lunalight Catherine Christiansen 4th Place Lunalight $463.34
Regional - Pasadena California Subterror Guru Control Jaime Castellanos 5th Place Subterror $250.40
Regional - Jacksonville Florida Sky Striker Nicolas Ortiz Top 4 Sky Striker $454.00
Regional - Indianapolis Indiana HERO Ezekiel Russell Evans 2nd Place HERO $592.05
Regional - Indianapolis Indiana Invoked Jongwon Lee 4th Place Invoked Windwitch $307.14
Regional - Indianapolis Indiana Scrap SPYRAL Dablessin Wilson 7th Place SPYRAL $622.88
Regional - Indianapolis Indiana Pure Thunder Dragons Sathe Khaldi 10th Place Thunder $285.02
Regional - Indianapolis Indiana Danger! Lunalight Sam Nguyen 11th Place Lunalight $271.95
Regional - Indianapolis Indiana Gren Maju Stun Ousama Chamem 13th Place Gren Maju $172.95
Regional - Indianapolis Indiana Salamangreat John Baker 15th Place Salamangreat $387.68
Regional - Indianapolis Indiana HERO Jeff Palmer 29th Place HERO $504.87
Regional - Christchurch New Zealand True King Dinosaurs Philip Arnold 1st Place True King Dino $177.48
Cardmarket Series Paris 2020 Invoked Shaddoll Kevin Nephtys Semlali 1st Place Shaddoll $486.60
Regional - Omaha Nebraska Scrap Orcust John Leong 1st Place Orcust $518.62
Regional - Omaha Nebraska SPYRAL Kyle Shook 2nd Place SPYRAL $487.53
Regional - Liege Belgium Scrap Orcust Joe White 3rd Place Orcust $466.11
Regional - Istanbul Zombie Control Bekir Alkim Sentürk 9th Place Zombie $199.25
Regional - Halle Germany Salamangreat Philip Weidinger Top 8 Salamangreat $193.83
Regional - Falkirk Scotland HERO Moe Ismail Top 8 HERO $683.48
Regional - Falkirk Scotland Danger! Gren Maju Scott Robertson 11th Place Gren Maju $505.04
Regional - Duluth Georgia Lair Infernoid Gavin Kale 4th Place Infernoid $555.97
Regional - Duluth Georgia Sky Striker Junior Dorcin Top 8 Sky Striker $257.32
Regional - Duluth Georgia Subterror Gren Maju Donald Hanson Top 8 Gren Maju $231.01
Regional - Duluth Georgia Invoked Mekk-Knights Colton Jones 10th Place Mekk-Knight $393.38
Regional - Auckland, New Zealand Anti Meta Sam Walker Top 8 Anti-Metum $139.29
Regional - Zacatecas Mexico Danger! Gren Maju Javier Ortiz Top 8 Gren Maju $250.64
Regional - Valencia Spain Salamangreat Alex Mora 1st Place Salamangreat $354.06
Regional - Valencia Spain BA Block Dragon Joan García Top 8 Burning Abyss $447.68
Regional - Valencia Spain Lunalight Scrap Orcust Alberto Miranda Top 8 Orcust $260.49
Regional - Valencia Spain Scrap Orcust Sergio Muñoz Top 8 Orcust $298.20
Regional - Reading England Danger! Mekk-Knight Invoked Ben Polding Top 4 Mekk-Knight $284.39
Regional - Reading England Cyber Dragons Chris Tulio Top 8 Cyber $338.42
Regional - Reading England HERO Tommy Heard Top 8 HERO $501.10
Regional - Reading England True King Dinosaurs Joe Baines Top 8 True King Dino $274.58
Regional - Porto Portugal True Draco João Neves 1st Place True Draco $144.74
Regional - Porto Portugal Altergeist Antônio Pedro 2nd Place Altergeist $394.45
Regional - Pearl Mississippi Rank-Up Orcust Patrick Cook Top 8 Orcust $265.07
Regional - Montreal Canada Danger! Scrap Orcust Daniel Cook 1st Place Orcust $349.84
Regional - Montreal Canada Fire Fist Salamangreat Marcus Carisse 4th Place Salamangreat $293.46
Regional - Montreal Canada Danger! Lunalight William Mcnamara 5th Place Lunalight $225.99
Regional - Montreal Canada True King Gizmek Dinosaurs Sam Arunnaveesiri 11th Place True King Dino $618.20
Regional - Layton Utah SPYRAL Jacob Adams 1st Place SPYRAL $471.84
Regional - Layton Utah Danger! Lunalight Dillon Cohen 4th Place Lunalight $456.61
Regional - Layton Utah BA Block Dragon Omar Ramos 6th Place Burning Abyss $248.95
Regional - Falkirk Scotland Generaider Vladis Baranovskis Top 16 Generaider $241.93
Regional - Duluth Georgia Zoodiac Orcust Jay Collette 5th Place Zoodiac $341.39
Regional - Carlisle England Danger! SPYRAL Ben Sherman 2nd Place SPYRAL $695.57
Regional - Carlisle England Sky Striker James Woodward Top 8 Sky Striker $326.84