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YGO Open Atlanta
September 2014
Deck Duelist Placed Archetype Deck Price
Sylvans Koty Angeloff 1st Place Sylvan $97.07
Satellarknights Tanner Sparrow 2nd Place Satellarknight $118.25
Shadolls Shijing Yang 3rd - 4th Place Shaddoll $104.49
Burning Abyss Michael Keller 3rd - 4th Place Burning Abyss $58.30
Shadolls Michael Patterson 5th - 8th Place Shaddoll $64.36
Burning Abyss Ed Conlon 5th - 8th Place Burning Abyss $82.35
Satellarknights Junior Dorcin 5th - 8th Place Satellarknight $94.11
Shadolls Fred Sutton 5th - 8th Place Shaddoll $77.83
Shadolls Kevin Leyva 9th - 16th Place Shaddoll $88.08
Satellarknights Blaine Salter 9th - 16th Place Satellarknight $88.51
Shadolls Ken Duong 9th - 16th Place Shaddoll $86.80
Koa'ki Ezie Smoot 9th - 16th Place Koa'ki $89.45
Burning Abyss Aaron Riker 9th - 16th Place Burning Abyss $57.85
Burning Abyss Jeremiah McGee 9th - 16th Place Burning Abyss $89.99
Burning Abyss Cody Burns 9th - 16th Place Burning Abyss $79.55
Satellarknights Brandon Wigley 9th - 16th Place Satellarknight $88.73
May 2014
Deck Duelist Placed Archetype Deck Price
Traptrix Hand Artifacts Cory Davis 1st Place Artifact $69.08
Geargia Brandon Wigley 2nd Place Geargia $97.88
Geargia Jesus Silva 3rd - 4th Place Geargia $85.62
Dragon Rulers Desmond Johnson 3rd - 4th Place Dragon $144.41
Traptrix Hand Artifacts Kevin Cave 5th - 8th Place Artifact $94.80
Bujin Ben Parker 5th - 8th Place Bujin $81.32
Traptrix Hand Artifacts Danny Brown 5th - 8th Place Artifact $79.98
Traptrix Ezie Smoot 5th - 8th Place Koa'ki $98.44
Infernities Brandon Rainey 9th - 16th Place Infernity $73.36
Fire Fist Hands Michael Patterson 9th - 16th Place Fire King $92.88
Dragon Rulers Cody Burns 9th - 16th Place Dragon $136.20
Hand Rulers Spencer Dukes 9th - 16th Place Hand $111.62
Geargia Owsley Tanner 9th - 16th Place Geargia $98.21
Traptrix Hand Artifacts Casey Coker 9th - 16th Place Artifact $94.53
Traptrix Hand Artifacts David Rivera 9th - 16th Place Artifact $78.62
Harpie Hands Adam Hairston 9th - 16th Place Harpie $86.55