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2012 YCS Seattle
November 2012
Deck Duelist Placed Archetype Deck Price
Inzektors Michael Stibbins 1st Place Inzektor $79.10
Mermails Norberto Leon 2nd Place Mermail $153.51
Wind-Ups_ Adrian Sean Shakir 3rd - 4th Place Wind-Up $114.58
Mermails Sorosh Saberian 3rd - 4th Place Mermail $88.89
Agents Julian Wong 5th - 8th Place Agent $96.49
Mermails Michael Klasel 5th - 8th Place Mermail $133.70
Agents_ Simon He 5th - 8th Place Agent $99.42
Dino Rabbit Alfredo Cardona 9th - 16th Place Dino Rabbit $72.49
Wind-Ups Wilson Tsang 9th - 16th Place Wind-Up $72.43
Agents Adam Belohradsky 9th - 16th Place Agent $119.09
Mermails Chancy Wigglestove 9th - 16th Place Mermail $151.45
Dark World Kevin Hubbard 9th - 16th Place Dark World $44.99
Mermail Jerry Williams 9th - 16th Place Mermail $149.33
Wind-Ups Cody Muniz 9th - 16th Place Wind-Up $107.69
Dino Rabbit Manav Dawar 17th - 32nd Place Dino Rabbit $104.25
Watt Chain Burn Chris Mastenbrook 17th - 32nd Place Chain Burn $29.07
Monster Mashy Agents Robert Strohl 17th - 32nd Place Agent $123.92
Dino Rabbit_ Joseph Giorlando 17th - 32nd Place Dino Rabbit $93.33
Wind-Ups Matt Bishop 17th - 32nd Place Wind-Up $116.97
Mermails Trenton Wright 17th - 32nd Place Mermail $163.24
Mermail Kyle Palsson 17th - 32nd Place Mermail $130.11
Agents Rob Baca 17th - 32nd Place Agent $98.59
Dino Rabbit Desmond Boyd 17th - 32nd Place Dino Rabbit $78.33
Wind-Ups Sergio Andres Rodriguez 17th - 32nd Place Wind-Up $113.57
Chaos Dragons Justin Delhon 17th - 32nd Place Lightsworn $108.17
Wind-Ups Lukaz Prinz 17th - 32nd Place Wind-Up $108.20
Agents Timothy Williams 17th - 32nd Place Agent $123.71