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2010 Championship Series - DC
May 2010
Deck Duelist Placed Archetype Deck Price
Gadgets Peter Cheng 1st Place Machina $112.33
Internity Steven Harris 2nd Place Infernity $134.30
X-Sabers Robert Russo 3rd - 4th Place X-Saber $151.70
X-Sabers Andrew Fredella 3rd - 4th Place X-Saber $157.07
Frog Quickdraw Jason Hoang 5th - 8th Place Warrior $162.84
Herald Russel LaParre 5th - 8th Place Herald $107.31
Internity Lazaro Bellido 5th - 8th Place Infernity $133.74
Internity Joseph Parchman 5th - 8th Place Infernity $106.88
Gadgets Ivan Anamaria 9th - 16th Place Machina $101.31
Explosion Collin Berman 9th - 16th Place Magical $44.78
Infernity Nick Anderson 9th - 16th Place Infernity $147.10
Infernity Omar Beldon 9th - 16th Place Infernity $130.96
Gladiator Beasts Dave Duran 9th - 16th Place Gladiator $123.35
Frog Monarchs Devin Djuricin 9th - 16th Place Monarch $159.44
Gladiator Beasts Robert DiMartino 9th - 16th Place Gladiator $81.09
Cat Agustin Herrera 9th - 16th Place Cat $119.73
Lightsworn Monarchs Robert Leight 17th - 32nd Place Lightsworn $116.04
Quickdraw George Velasquez 17th - 32nd Place Warrior $103.22
X-Sabers Robert Price 17th - 32nd Place X-Saber $145.33
Infernity Robert Ackerman 17th - 32nd Place Infernity $148.97
Blackwings Nick Ma 17th - 32nd Place Blackwing $98.16
Cat Mark Alan Johnson 17th - 32nd Place Cat $96.28
Quickdraw Phillip Anthony 17th - 32nd Place Warrior $147.40
Quickdraw Brandon Smith 17th - 32nd Place Warrior $64.26
X-Sabers Barrett Keys 17th - 32nd Place X-Saber $155.99
X-Sabers Mario Matheu 17th - 32nd Place X-Saber $126.03
Gladiator Beasts DC Chris Bowling 17th - 32nd Place Gladiator $95.36
X-Sabers Shijin Zeng 17th - 32nd Place X-Saber $135.78
Gladiator Beasts Danny Bassous 17th - 32nd Place Gladiator $120.56
X-Sabers Evan Petre 17th - 32nd Place X-Saber $161.55
Infernity Andrew Scovern 17th - 32nd Place Infernity $121.33
Gladiator Beasts Chase Simpson 17th - 32nd Place Gladiator $146.92