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YCS - Meadowlands New Jersey

May 2013

Deck Duelist Placed Archetype Deck Price
Atlantean Mermails Tyree Tinsley 1st Place Mermail $171.74
Atlantean Mermails James Guerrero 2nd Place Mermail $157.20
Fire Fist Rabbit Galo Guillermo Orbea Davila 3rd - 4th Place Fire Fist $79.38
Atlantean Mermails Andrew Fredella 3rd - 4th Place Mermail $169.51
Fire Fist Rabbit w/ FF Dragon Willian Fernandes 5th - 8th Place Fire Fist $113.96
Atlantean Mermails Marcus Hale 5th - 8th Place Mermail $187.51
Atlantean Mermails Ali Yassine 9th - 16th Place Mermail $158.98
Inzektors Jeremy MacWan 9th - 16th Place Inzektor $80.62
A Hero Lives OTK David Nguyen 9th - 16th Place Elemental $99.73
Dino Fist Sean Montague 9th - 16th Place Fire Fist $84.39
Infernities Satoshi Kato 9th - 16th Place Infernity $87.29
Wind-Up Justin Diaz 9th - 16th Place Wind-Up $157.44
Evilswarm Donel Jao 17th - 32nd Place Evilswarm $90.21
Atlantean Mermails Simon He 17th - 32nd Place Mermail $176.35
Tin Machina Gadgets James Quick 17th - 32nd Place Machina $100.73
Atlantean Mermails Thomas Balaban 17th - 32nd Place Mermail $158.69
Atlantean Mermails Paul Levitin 17th - 32nd Place Mermail $162.41
Atlantean Mermails Jeffrey Strain 17th - 32nd Place Mermail $161.74
Evilswarm George Weber 17th - 32nd Place Evilswarm $69.40
Tin Gadgets Angelo Mendoza 17th - 32nd Place Gadget $119.53
Atlantean Mermails Matt Bishop 17th - 32nd Place Mermail $176.90
Infernities Karim Ahamjik 17th - 32nd Place Infernity $94.97
Synchro Infernities Patrick Hoban 17th - 32nd Place Synchro $87.97
Dino Fist Kris Perovic 17th - 32nd Place Dino Fist $72.85
Constellars Victor Santana 33rd - 64th Place Constellar $101.22
Chain Beat Wilson Tsang 33rd - 64th Place Chain Beat $103.69