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YCS - Toronto Canada

September 2016

Deck Duelist Placed Archetype Deck Price
Burning Phantom Knights Patrick James Top 8 Burning Abyss $464.22
Extra Deck Monarchs Ryan Levine 3rd - 4th Monarch $240.53
Fire King Kozmos Blair Hunter 9th - 16th Kozmo $511.12
Burning Abyss Calvin Tahan 9th - 16th Burning Abyss $537.27
Extra Deck Monarchs Hanko Chow 17th - 32nd Monarch $426.90
Demise Kozmos Joseph Vesia 17th - 32nd Kozmo $455.66

September 2015

Deck Duelist Placed Archetype Deck Price
Brilliant Performage Shaddolls Patrick Hoban None Shaddoll $245.45
Performage Nekroz Desmond Johnson Top 8 Nekroz $244.17
Performage Nekroz Chris LeBlanc Top 8 Nekroz $245.40
Nekroz Marcus Carisse 2nd Nekroz $262.42
Burning Abyss Chase Cunningham 3rd - 4th Burning Abyss $137.26
Burning Abyss Jesse Kotton 3rd - 4th Burning Abyss $81.87
Nekroz Tom Morran 9th - 16th Nekroz $354.22
Yang Zings Brian Chau 9th - 16th Yang Zing $166.40
Nekroz David Bui 9th - 16th Nekroz $290.09
Nekroz Ryan Levine 9th - 16th Nekroz $302.30
Burning Abyss Jean Cruz 17th - 32nd Burning Abyss $128.95
Performage Nekroz Jack Ran 17th - 32nd Nekroz $293.18
Kozmos Joe Bogli 17th - 32nd Kozmo $191.10
Infernoids Sean Martinov 17th - 32nd Infernoid $188.20
Performage Shaddolls Dale Bellido 17th - 32nd Shaddoll $217.74
Burning Abyss Chen Yu Zhao 17th - 32nd Burning Abyss $101.83
Performage Nekroz Tyree Tinsley 17th - 32nd Nekroz $314.77
Shaddoll Nekroz Patrick James 17th - 32nd Shaddoll $325.99

August 2015

Deck Duelist Placed Archetype Deck Price
Burning Abyss Gabriel Orosan-Weine 1st Burning Abyss $119.74
Performage Nekroz Frazier Smith 17th - 32nd Nekroz $287.70

September 2013

Deck Duelist Placed Archetype Deck Price
Dragon Rulers Edward Kuang 1st Place Dragon $145.50
Mermails Sorosh Saberian 2nd Place Mermail $201.87
Dragunity Patrick Hoban 3rd - 4th Place Dragunity $148.48
Blackwings Sehabi Kheireddine 3rd - 4th Place Blackwing $128.53
Dragunity Umar Haq 5th - 8th Place Dragunity $140.89
Dragon Ruler Plants w/ Lightsworn James Frazier 5th - 8th Place Dragon $140.75
Dragon Ruler Plants w/ Lightsworn Jordan Winters 5th - 8th Place Dragon $127.19
Spellbooks Loukas Peterson 5th - 8th Place Spellbook $165.30
Mermails James Guerrero 9th - 16th Place Mermail $190.41
Spellbooks Frazier Smith 9th - 16th Place Spellbook $142.41
Dragon Ruler Plants Galo Guillermo Orbea Davila 9th - 16th Place Dragon $133.65
Dragon Ruler Plants Thomas Mak 9th - 16th Place Dragon $152.85
Mermails Bobby Barone 9th - 16th Place Mermail $201.91
Perfect Herald Evan Waxman 17th - 32nd Place Perfect Herald $146.51
Evilswarm Sean Coovert 17th - 32nd Place Evilswarm $121.26
Mermails Jack Ran 17th - 32nd Place Mermail $192.94
Dragunity Dale Bellido 17th - 32nd Place Dragunity $149.45
Evilswarm Victor Li 17th - 32nd Place Evilswarm $132.73
Spellbooks Kareem O'Brien 17th - 32nd Place Spellbook $161.83
Dragon Rulers Bo Tang 17th - 32nd Place Dragon $140.92
Dragon Rulers James Kim 17th - 32nd Place Dragon $167.91
Constellars Leo Chan 17th - 32nd Place Constellar $97.70
Spellbooks Peter Martino 17th - 32nd Place Djinn $171.60
Karakuri Geargia Chris Leblanc 17th - 32nd Place Geargia $112.31
Dragon Rulers Jeffrey Cho 17th - 32nd Place Dragon $134.92
4-Axis Fire Fists Igor Bijelic 17th - 32nd Place Formation $156.27
Evilswarm Michael Chung-Salomone 17th - 32nd Place Evilswarm $135.29
Madolche David Wu 17th - 32nd Place Madolche $211.41