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YCS - Mexico City

September 2016

Deck Duelist Placed Archetype Deck Price
Kaiju Blue-Eyes White Dragon Duelist Unknown Top 8 Kaiju $454.83
Dinomist Performapals Marco Polo Morales Mascarenas Top 8 Performapal $207.12
Burning Phantom Knights Alejandro Navarro Top 8 Burning Abyss $548.07
Majespecter Metalfoes Adrian Madriz Espinoza 1st Metalfoe $500.95
Majespecter Metalfoes Salvador Molina 3rd - 4th Metalfoe $481.73
Blue-Eyes White Dragon Alexis Vargas 3rd - 4th Blue-Eyes $457.22
Shiranui Zombies Saul Isidoro 9th - 16th Zombie $651.97
Gameciel Blue-Eyes White Dragon Irvin Tostado 9th - 16th Blue-Eyes $655.12
Fire King Kozmos Alejandro Dzul 9th - 16th Kozmo $239.34
Gameciel Blue-Eyes White Dragon Duelist Unknown 9th - 16th Blue-Eyes $505.67
Demise Kozmos Angel Bartz 9th - 16th Kozmo $300.98
Fire King Kozmos Jose Osores 17th - 32nd Kozmo $350.39
Brilliant Blazing Gadgets Carlos Sima 17th - 32nd Gadget $222.60
Burning Phantom Knights Rodrigo Raya 17th - 32nd Burning Abyss $398.72
Burning Phantom Knights Manuel Larios Iglesias 17th - 32nd Burning Abyss $391.01
Gameciel Mermails Cesar Hernandez 17th - 32nd Mermail $377.09
Galaxy Blue-Eyes White Dragon Lintu Sotomayor 17th - 32nd Blue-Eyes $549.78
Blue-Eyes White Dragon Alexis Jimenez 17th - 32nd Blue-Eyes $499.74
Majespecter Metalfoes Alejandro Viveros 17th - 32nd Metalfoe $270.72
Majespecter Metalfoes Alexander Swagemakers 17th - 32nd Metalfoe $503.08

April 2014

Deck Duelist Placed Archetype Deck Price
Bujins Julian Beltran 3rd - 4th Place Bujin $113.81
Bujins Gerald Chaves 3rd - 4th Place Bujin $121.71
Mermails Desmond Johnson 17th - 32nd Place Mermail $145.50
Mermails Karloss Perez 17th - 32nd Place Mermail $165.95