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YCS - Dallas Texas

October 2015

Deck Duelist Placed Archetype Deck Price
Mathematician Shaddolls Jonathan Rosario Top 8 Shaddoll $205.26
PSY-Frame Niko Smith None PSY-Frame $227.67
Infernoids Erik Christensen 1st Infernoid $230.07
Burning Abyss Ed Acepcion 3rd - 4th Burning Abyss $89.58
Nekroz Ryan Levine 3rd - 4th Nekroz $320.19
Performage Challengers Jake Mattern 9th - 16th Performage $199.52
Nekroz Louie Benitez 9th - 16th Nekroz $329.08
Performage Nekroz Tyree Tinsley 9th - 16th Nekroz $322.65
Burning Abyss Malvin Dionisio 9th - 16th Burning Abyss $105.20
Burning Abyss Michael Tamez 17th - 32nd Burning Abyss $136.62
Kozmos Michael State 17th - 32nd Kozmo $165.47
Nekroz Nicholas Reardon 17th - 32nd Nekroz $308.93
Burning Abyss John Wells 17th - 32nd Burning Abyss $131.58
Performage Nekroz Omar Daoudi 17th - 32nd Nekroz $285.63
Traptrix Kozmos Fabricio Graniel 17th - 32nd Kozmo $153.32
Burning Abyss Koty Angeloff 17th - 32nd Burning Abyss $122.79
Traptrix Performage Challengers Chalana Bel?Air 17th - 32nd Performage $179.83
Performage Nekroz Denny Yu 17th - 32nd Nekroz $303.59
Burning Abyss Joey Linch 17th - 32nd Burning Abyss $115.02
Mathematician Shaddolls Jovanny Castillo 17th - 32nd Shaddoll $207.89
Performage Shaddolls Patrick Hoban 17th - 32nd Shaddoll $1,387.19

October 2014

Deck Duelist Placed Archetype Deck Price
60-Card Control Billy Brake 1st Place Shaddoll $238.54
Artifact Shaddolls Sehabi Kheireddine 2nd Place Shaddoll $259.39
Burning Abyss Zak Aossey 9th - 16th Place Burning Abyss $135.58
Artifact Shaddolls Chad Armijo 9th - 16th Place Shaddoll $284.94
Artifact Satellarknights Michael Vutam 9th - 16th Place Satellarknight $285.46
Burning Abyss Tahmid Zaman 17th - 32nd Place Burning Abyss $90.62
Artifact Shaddolls Dominique Roberts 17th - 32nd Place Shaddoll $244.81
Burning Abyss Brian Scott Ferguson 17th - 32nd Place Burning Abyss $157.04
Dragon Shaddolls Jonathon Castillo Gomez 17th - 32nd Place Shaddoll $214.33
Spellbooks Michael Campos 17th - 32nd Place Spellbook $186.87